Oman Camping and Mountain Trekking in the Desert

Oman Camping and Mountain Trekking in the Desert

The English explorer Wilfred Thesiger spent the best part of six years living with Bedouin tribesmen in the Empty Quarter in modern day Oman. If he was alive today, I'd be hugely tempted to suggest going back to the place he loved so much. I know he'd be relieved to find that the beautiful Empty Quarter, the largest sand sea in the world and home to dunes well over one hundred metres tall, is still as untouched and staggeringly beautiful as before.


Oman Camping..

He'd hopefully appreciate the wonderful oman camping we arrange, that sure beats sleeping wrapped in blankets as he recounts in his famous book of 1959, Arabian sands.


Oman Trekking...

The fabulous five star hotels such as Zighy Bay and the Chedi might be a little too, well, comfortable for someone as intrepid as Thesiger, so we would plan plenty of adventures for him including oman trekking in the Hajar Mountains and diving the reefs around the dramatic Musandam peninsula.

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