With dunes that can reach up to 600ft high, and a colour palette of reds, blues, purples and golds which changes throughout the day, Oman's Wahiba Sands offers an unforgettable desert experience. Considering there is only a three-hour drive between Muscat and the Wahiba Sands, the difference is vast. On Wahiba Sands holidays, you’ll find Bedouin camps where the way of life has remained mostly unchanged across the centuries, and you can watch camels being led across the dunes until their humped silhouette disappears into the horizon. Explore the desert either in a 4x4, for those with a need for speed,
or opt for a more leisurely pace and ride camels through the sand-scape. Round off the day by taking in a breath-taking sunset from the top of the dunes before falling asleep under a blanket of stars. On your way back to civilisation, stop off for a cooling dip in a nearby wadi, to ensure you’ve had the full Wahiba Sands experience.

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