Mashatu: The Land of the Giants

Mashatu: The Land of the Giants

Secreted away in a hidden corner of south-eastern Botswana lies the Tuli Block, a little known game reserve lying on the South African and Zimbabwean borders. Unbeknown to many, 'here be giants'...


True Wilderness

Mashatu, named after the many Mashatu, or Nyala Berry, trees that dot the landscape, is a wilderness unlike many others in Africa. Here, the arid plains of the Kalahari begin to meet the Lowveld and Mopane scrub of the Limpopo region; huge kopjes, ridges and vast dry riverbeds dominate the landscape. Nicknamed 'Land of Giants', Mashatu houses the largest of everything Africa has to offer; the elephant, the largest land mammal; the Kori bustard, the heaviest flying bird; the eland, the largest antelope; the ostrich, the largest bird; the baobab, the largest tree... everything here is supersized.


The Perfect Mix

It is undoubtedly my favourite place on the African continent; the wildlife, the guides, the lodges and the scenery come together to create an untamed wilderness where the parameters of a normal safari are often stretched beyond reality. The scope for seeing the weird and wonderful makes Mashatu an incredibly special place. I believe that there is also no better place in Botswana to see leopards; the number and quality of sightings here is unbelievable. Similarly, you'll likely see elephant herds numbering in their dozens or even hundreds.


Variety is the Spice of Life

Another huge advantage of Mashatu is the number and variety of activities on offer. Game drives, bush walks, mountain biking and riding safaris are all done regularly here, and provide different perspectives from which to see this beautiful place. Mashatu also has resident specialist photographic guides, who will make your experience all the more special if you have a penchant for photography. Their dedicated water-hole photographic hides provide guests with the chance to get incredibly close to the wildlife drinking at the water's edge.


What are you Waiting for?

With the opening of a new luxury camp in 2020, making it three camps on the reserve, it is a very exciting time to go to Mashatu. The guiding is superb, the staff are unbelievably hospitable, the landscape is beautiful, and the wildlife is unparalleled. I am confident that it will become one of your favourite places in Africa, and will leave a host of indelible memories behind to leave you yearning for more.