Is April the Best Time to go to Kenya?

Is April the Best Time to go to Kenya?

If you're booking the holiday of a lifetime in Kenya, you're probably keen to avoid the rainy season. Not necessarily, says our Africa expert...


A beautiful awakening

After the rain has passed, you are left with an almost Bambi-like awakening, with birds chirping away, the warm sunshine appearing from behind the dark clouds, which drift away and beautiful green savannahs. All the wildlife seem to love the long rains, and it is as if life is re-born after every downpour.


Kenya, my favourite place in the world

It was a fantastic visit back to my favourite place in the world, and it will always be the place I call home. Kenya never disappoints in re-energizing the soul (as cheesy as that may sound), even during the so called rainy season. So believe me when I say that April really is the best time to go to Kenya. You can take advantage of green season rates, fewer tourists, dramatic back landscapes, fantastic birding - and it's always fun getting caught up in a real Africa rain shower....


And yes, I did start singing, ""I bless the rains down in Africaaaaaaaa""!

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