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Get Organised: What You Should Be Booking Now For 2019

Get Organised: What You Should Be Booking Now For 2019

After such a beautiful summer (/seriously sweaty heatwave), it's proving quite tricky to get our heads around the fact that it's actually over **sigh**. And how is it nearly time for Christmas again? The very idea of 2019 being just around the corner feels totally alien and yet here we are, just 111 short days away from the start of another year. But you know what they say, every cloud has a silver lining so why not make 2019's silver lining a trip (or two) to some exotic climes? Rather conveniently, we've compiled a list of the need-to-know destinations and experiences that you should be booking now for 2019...



With a rather large rugby tournament coming to the country in autumn 2019, it's never been more critical to book your holiday to Japan as early as possible, with now definitely not being too soon! Whether you're aiming to travel for the rugby and build a bespoke itinerary around the tournament or you're wanting to experience the infamous cherry blossom season for the first time, get in touch now to avoid disappointment.


Bear Watching in Canada

Swap metropolitan modernity for nature red in tooth and claw while spotting black bears in their natural habitat, one of the all-time greatest wildlife experiences. Unfortunately, there are no spontaneous Sallys allowed here - with a whole load of luxury lodges already full for 2019, there is no time like the present for booking your bear-watching trip in Canada.


Father Christmas in Finland

Trust us, this is not any old meet and greet in some poorly-constructed grotto in your local village hall, Father Christmas has really pulled all the stops out here in his hometown. And as such, it's already too late for 2018 bookings - sorry! But get organised for Christmas 2019 and create lifelong memories with snowmobiling, ice fishing, husky and reindeer sleigh rides, all before your private meeting with Father Christmas in his enchanting local village within the wilderness of a Lapland forest.


Sri Lanka

It's safe to say that Sri Lanka has been one of the trending destinations of the last couple of years, so organisation really is the key to success to ensure you get the chance to see Sri Lanka in all its glory. From leopard tracking and elephant spotting in the national parks to private tours of Galle with our favourite local guide, avoid missing out on the best experiences by booking now for early for next year.



As well as being a wildly popular safari destination, with the greatest population of specially-adapted desert lions in the world and an abundance of spectacular national parks and game reserves to explore, Namibia is equally popular for its diverse, unique and insanely photogenic landscapes, including sand dunes, desert, rugged coastline, canyons and lush national parks. Add to that a whole heap of incredible new lodge openings in the last 12 months and you're onto a winner. Summer is the best time to be there so book early to avoid disappointment.