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Get Organised for 2020

Get Organised for 2020

We may only be three months into 2019, and most of us are still probably writing the date wrong at least once a day, but alarmingly it is also time to start looking ahead to 2020. Certain destinations and experiences book up incredibly early, so now is the chance to get your organisational hat on and get ahead of the game...


The Great Migration, Kenya and Tanzania

The Great Migration sees around 1.5 million wildebeest, 500,000 Thompson's gazelles, 200,000 zebras and thousands more animals carving a circular path around the Serengeti and the Masai Mara each year, following the rains in search of fresh grazing. The mobile safari camps we work with pitch up at peak migration spots throughout the year, and move on with the herds. Understandably, these camps book up fast, so you've got to get in there early for the best chance of witnessing this wildlife wonder.


The Steam Ship Sudan, Egypt

Experience a tranquil pace of life, which is often hard to come by in parts of Egypt, aboard the Steam Ship Sudan. Travel down the Nile in style from Luxor to Aswan, or in reverse, aboard this beautifully restored 19th century boat. The boat will stop off at various points along the river, visiting ancient temples and tombs and learning about Egypt's ancient history with the help of knowledgeable guides. As it turns out, it's not just us that thinks this is holiday perfection, and cabins aboard the Steam Ship Sudan book up far in advance, so get booking now for 2020 if you want a slice of this Egyptian bliss.


The Galapagos Archipelago, Ecuador

Without doubt the best way to see the Galapagos Archipelago is by boat, allowing you to travel from island to island discovering what they each have to offer, from volcanic landscapes to endemic species. Hop between the islands, getting up close to land species such as giant tortoises, and marine species like penguins and marine iguanas. But (surprise surprise) to get the choice of the best boats, this should be booked far ahead of time.


An Antarctic Adventure

Experiencing Antarctica may gradually be getting easier but it undoubtedly remains one of the world's 'final frontiers' in terms of travel. Stay aboard one of the small research vessels that have been converted to expedition cruisers, or on land in the only permanent luxury lodge on the white continent. The most comfortable of the small cruise ships book up incredibly fast, meaning you've got to get ahead of the game if you're thinking of an adventure in Antarctica.


The Belmond Orient Express

The Orient Express, which has been running since 1883, is probably the most iconic train in the world, thanks largely to Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. The traditional features, including polished wood and antique fixtures, make staying aboard this train like taking a step back in time. You can either travel the classic route from London to Venice, or the longer route of Paris to Istanbul. Cabins book up far in advance so start planning your 2020 trip now, especially if you're wanting the added luxury of staying in a suite.


Father Christmas in Finnish Lapland

You'd be hard pushed to find a better way to get into the festive spirit than visiting Father Christmas in Finnish Lapland, especially if you've got excitable children in tow. But since a lot of other people share this opinion, this is another one that needs to be booked up well in advance. We're talking Christmas 2020 already. We can arrange private meetings with Father Christmas, where your children's letters can be delivered in advance, along with any presents you'd like to give them. This will knock any budget shopping centre Father Christmas experience out of the park.


The 2020 Olympics, Japan

Japan is going through somewhat of a sporty 'moment' right now, with the Rugby World Cup happening there later this year and the Olympics to follow next year. With these huge international sporting events inevitably comes huge crowds, and this means booking early is as important as ever. Head away from the main island of Honshu and instead explore the more off-the-beaten-path island of Kyushu, dominated by hot springs, volcanoes and coastal cities. If you're lucky enough to secure tickets, we can help plan an itinerary around the event(s) you are attending.

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