Don't Miss the Boat: Planning for 2019

Don't Miss the Boat: Planning for 2019

Life often feels like a whirlwind of work, social commitments and life admin: frankly it's exhausting. Well, that's where your travel guardian angels come in (that's us). We're here to show you the light and point you towards the giant beacon of hope that is a holiday. And when it comes to holidays, the early bird very much catches the worm. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. You snooze you lose. You get the picture: organisation is key to success. And as your guardian angels, it's our job to remind you that the very best experiences book up early doors so it's time to start planning 2019...


Bear Watching in Canada

The Great Bear Rainforest might sound like an adventure-land from Winnie the Pooh but it is in fact 6.4 million hectares of prime temperate rainforest on the Pacific Coast of British Columbia. The region is surrounded by striking mountain ranges and coastal fjords and there are plenty of (you guessed it) bears on show, from Grizzly to Spirit, making this one of the most wondrous wildlife experiences on the planet. Summer is the best time to be there and, while you may have missed the boat for 2018, now is the perfect time to book for 2019.


October Half Term in Europe

For all you family travellers out there, October Half Term is prime sunshine and relaxation time. The likes of Sicily, Tenerife, Malta and Greece are all perfect destinations for recharging the batteries and soaking up the last of the European sunshine. The eternal problem with travelling in school holidays is that everyone else will be doing it too, so to ensure you get the best possible trip (at the best possible price), booking early is a must. Discover more about our recommended October Half Term holidays here.


Naadam Festival in Mongolia

The Centuries-old Naadam festival, which translates to the very Game of Thrones-esque ""three games of men"", takes place in June every year, with events being held across the country. The games consist of Mongolian wrestling (the outfits for which are worth the journey alone - think budgy smugglers, leather boots and colourful boleros), horse racing and archery. For anyone who has 'been there and done that' on the travel front, Mongolia remains something of a final frontier, jam-packed with fascinating culture and history.


Cherry Blossom in Japan

It's fair to say the Japanese are slightly batty about blossom. In around February every year, sakura fever takes over the country, with everything from cherry blossom-flavoured chocolate bars to a petal-by-petal analysis on the televised cherry blossom forecast. But it's not just about the aesthetics; the advent of sakura season is also celebrated as a signal of the impending rice-planting season and casts good luck over the year's harvest. Learn more about experiencing Japan's cherry blossom season here.


Summer in Namibia

Namibia is a true original, from the soaring sand dunes of the Namib Desert to the majestic Fish River Canyon and the desolate beauty of the Skeleton Coast. That's before we've even mentioned the wildlife, of which there is an abundance. All the big names are there (lions, leopards, zebras et al) but also a plethora of rarer beasties, from honey badgers to aardvarks and pangolins. Summer is the best time to be there and while there is still some very limited availability for this summer, it's time to get planning for 2019 to avoid disappointment.