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Could You Be Suffering From 'Nomophobia'?

Could You Be Suffering From 'Nomophobia'?

Nomophobia (noun); the irrational fear of being without or being unable to use one's mobile phone. If you find yourself constantly smartphone scrolling, or you panic every time your battery level drops below 20%, you might be in need of a digital detox. There are two possible solutions. One, ditch the device, or (more likely) visit some far flung and remote places with little-to-no reception, where you can disconnect from the digital, re-connect with nature, and re-charge your batteries (rather than your phone's). Read on to find out about our favourite Asian places that are perfect for avoiding phone signal (and humans, if you feel so inclined...).


Ladakh, India

On this remote, guaranteed signal-free hiking experience in Ladakh, stay in traditional village houses that have been renovated using traditional Ladakhi craftsmanship. Staying in these charming homes en route gives you a rare chance to experience an unchanged, rural, Himalayan way of life. Each location has its own charm, and which ones you stay in depends on your exact route. With fantastic hiking routes, impressive monasteries, white water rafting and charming villages to visit, plus traditional Ladakhi culture to drink in by the bucket load, you'll forget you even own a mobile phone.


Glamping in Bhutan

Bhutan is a wonderfully unspoiled corner of the globe, with the focus of this Himalayan kingdom being 'peacefulness'. This is a country that fiercely guards its ancient traditions, with television only arriving in 1999. Full of magical monasteries, mountain passes and threadlike roads winding through deep forests, the best way to immerse yourself in Bhutan's pristine nature is on a private 'pop up' glamping experience. Stay in a spacious tipi complete with wood burning stove, cosy bedding, traditional rugs and solar powered lighting - providing the perfect, movable base camp for hiking, pony trekking, archery, woodland meditating and digital detoxing.


Discover Dragons in Indonesia

After a spot of white water rafting, traditional cooking and market stall trawling in Bali, to Komodo you go. The Komodo archipelago is chockful of deserted beaches, colourful coral reefs and the notorious Komodo dragons. There is no better way to explore the islands than by boat, where you can intermittently jump overboard to snorkel and admire the vibrant underwater world, or even try your hand at wakeboarding. After a day of dragon hunting with a ranger, relax on a perfectly powdery white sand beach, cocktail - not phone - in hand.


A Bohemian Beach Escape in Myanmar

The faraway private island of Wa Ale, in Myanmar's Mergui Peninsula, boasts raw isolation, staggering natural beauty and beaches where dozens of resident sea turtles nest. Discover this wonderful island on snorkelling and diving expeditions to local reefs, kayak or paddle board excursions through mangroves and walks along well-marked trails through the island's jungle interior. The boho chic villas are more like luxury safari tents, with low lying beds framed by draped mosquito nets. Fall asleep under the canvas canopy with the stars above, to the sound of the ocean calmly lapping against the shore...


Go Wild in Cambodia

Shinta Mani Wild private nature reserve is located on the border of the Cardamom National Park, one of Cambodia's remotest wilderness areas. The plethora of nature and wildlife is sure to keep you in a state of awe and wonderment, as the area is home to wild elephants, bears, gibbons and rare Indochinese tigers. The camp is made up of 16 beautiful tents perched over waterfalls and rivers, set high up off the ground to allow migratory animals to pass beneath. Appreciate the flora and fauna on a number of hikes, eat delicious meals cooked from foraged food from the forest, or head out on an anti-poaching patrol with rangers from the Wildlife Alliance.


A Tribal Trip Across Northern Vietnam

In between picking your jaw up off the floor due to the stunning miles of unspoilt landscapes and breath-taking mountain passes, stay in some charming Vietnamese villages and live like a local, immersing yourself in vibrant hill-tribe culture. Visit exotic markets and mingle with tradespeople in adorned colourful traditional dress, whilst browsing stalls for unusual foods and herbal medicines. If you fingers are already nimble from all that scrolling and texting, turn your hand to some traditional weaving and embroidery, as taught by Ms Mai in her workshop, based in Lung Tam.