Caribbean Honeymoons: Finding the Perfect Island

Caribbean Honeymoons: Finding the Perfect Island

So you're getting married. Congratulations (obvs) but let's get straight to the important bit - planning the honeymoon. We may be slightly (read: completely) biased but planning your honeymoon has got to be one of the most exciting bits of wedmin and there are few better places to kick off married life than in the Caribbean. But which island to choose? Fear not, as your travel guardian angels we've got you covered. It's easy to think of the Caribbean as a broadly homogenous region, and that's completely true when it comes to beautiful beaches and lovely places to stay, but there are actually huge cultural and geographical differences between islands.


The Reggae One: Jamaica

Jamaica sometimes gets a bad rap, but this is arguably the most diverse island in the entire Caribbean. Not only is there the obligatory white sand beaches on which to relax but if you fancy injecting a bit of culture into your honeymoon then Kingston is a very atmospheric city. There is also the obvious connection with reggae and this vibe is evident across Jamaica. In terms of accommodation, for honeymooners we'd recommend GoldenEye which, apart from its James Bond connection (this is where Fleming wrote many of the books), is perfect for romance with its private beach, luxurious pools and chic cottages and villas.


The Watersports One: Antigua

While stationed in Antigua, Nelson famously described it as a 'dreadful hole', which goes to show that admirable Admirals don't necessarily make ideal identifiers of honeymoon destinations. Latter day visitors can enjoy some of the finest luxury hotels and beaches in the Caribbean and - ironically for old Horatio - superb watersports. Those with a particular penchant for sailing should consider tying the (reef) knot in April before heading out to Antigua's sailing week.


The Luxury One: Turks & Caicos

The Turks and Caicos has one of the busiest private jet airports in the Caribbean, thanks to a collection of sublime private villas and two of the finest hotels around, Amanyara and Parrot Cay. Honeymooners who want to feel a true sense of seclusion should look no further because, while it is very accessible for us Brits, the same can't be said for other countries so Turks and Caicos has remained relatively under the radar. And all the better for it in our opinion. It's all quintessential white sand beaches, cerulean seas and hyper luxurious hotels. AKA the Maldives without the bling.


The French One: St Barts

Paris is world-renowned as the most amorous city on Earth so combine this heady romanticism with the beautiful beaches and sunshine of St Barts - quite the Caribbean honeymoon combo, non? You'll pay in Euros, enjoy café culture in the 'capital' Gustavia, drink fine wine (French, obvs), stay in exceptional hotels and enjoy one of the smallest but most perfectly formed islands in the Caribbean.


The Foodie One: Anguilla

Little old Anguilla - a British overseas territory - claims this one, and you should prepare for your Vilebrequin swimmers to feel a lot tighter after a week's honeymoon here thanks to world class restaurants in slick hotels such as The Viceroy, Cap Juluca and Malliouhana. But it's not just the five star properties that dish out the delicacies - try whatever the fisherman just caught at Sunshine Shack on Rendezvous Bay, then die happy (and full).


The Hilly One: St Lucia

The South of St Lucia is home to arguably the finest geographical feature in the region - the Pitons, the island's defining feature and a World Heritage Site consisting of twin volcanic mountains. Best viewed on a romantic sunset boat trip.


The (Even More) Laidback One: St Vincent & The Grenadines

This is the secret Caribbean, and as such retains a deliciously relaxed vibe. There are 32 islands that make up St Vincent and the Grenadines but low key highlights include charming Bequia (pronounced 'beck-way') and super-chic Mustique. And when it comes to hotels, Petit St Vincent is the pick of the (very good) bunch. Seclusion is very much the name of the game here and it is the perfect honeymoon spot for couples in need of escaping the helter-skelter of modern life. City dwellers, meet your heaven.


The Fun One: Barbados

Honeymooners who don't want to stray too far from the ways of good old Blighty should look no further than Barbados - a little slice of palm-fringed England. Sure, there's a lot of bling, but there are some gloriously under the radar gems to be discovered as well. Lone Star, while on the glamorous west coast, has just seven rooms and is one of the best boutiques on the island. It may have been a petrol station in a past life but when it comes to sophisticated elegance and romantic seclusion, Lone Star is second to none.

So there you have it, our recommendations for where to spend your Caribbean honeymoon. For more information, get in touch.