Buenos Aires and its unmissable 'milongas' (tango events)

Buenos Aires and its unmissable 'milongas' (tango events)

More than just dancing, tango has become a true religion in Argentina and Buenos Aires has become the global capital. Every evening, all year round, in all parts of the city, Argentinians and visitors find themselves at milongas, referring as much to the tango dance to the event itself. Every milonga is different, each with its own unique scene. They offer dance lessons for beginners and enthusiasts (without prior booking) and even non-dancers will appreciate deciphering the body language, looks, aesthetics, musicality and sensuality of the tango. Milongas are a great Buenos Aires experience, the perfect complement to a dinner and tango show. Please note : it's not guaranteed there will be a live orchestra at a milonga (in other words, the cherry on top) ; however, you can call a few days in advance for more information. The best tango halls in Buenos Aires...



El Beso

 Riobamba 416

Not many tourists visit this tango hall as it tends to cater for experts. To watch a tango demonstration by Argentinians, go on a Saturday night for the 'Milonga de Las Morochas', which is extremely popular with the locals. It's also one of the most sought-after milongas for singles.


Malena Sunderland Club

 Lugones 3161, Villa Urquiza

A milonga for old-school tango ' purists ', where the men wear brilliantine (hair oil) and the women wear rhinestones. It's popular with the 'Porteños' (locals) for its atmosphere. In short, a real institution in the city, even though the dancing takes place... in a gym! 


A Puro Tango

 Scalabrini Ortiz 1331, in Salon Canning

This ' elderly milonga ', serves an older crowd of both singles and couples. Nevertheless, the technical level here is high, making this a great opportunity to witness tango as it was once performed.


Confiteria Ideal

Suipacha 380

An iconic tea house founded in 1912, its wooden and marble walls hold the spirit of Buenos Aires. Tango classes are offered daily from midday to the early hours of the morning. Confiteria Ideal is one of the best tango halls in Buenos Aires and probably attracts the most tourists.



 Scalabrini Ortiz 1331, in Salon Canning

One of the most famous milongas in Buenos Aires. In addition to its beautiful venue and live orchestra, there's a vibrant atmosphere and contagious energy. According to the proprietors, 'anything can happen'. 


La Viruta 

Armenia 1366, in Centro Armenio

This is a real ' tango factory',  but in a good way. It's one of the most renowned milongas on the international stage, known as much for its dance classes as for its after party, which goes on until the wee hours of the morning. When visiting La Viruta, don't miss the  live performances by ' new tango ' orchestras. 


Club Villa Malcolm

Cordoba 5064

Before or after dinner, take a class or dance freely in one of the city's most bohemian locales. The site is first and foremost a football club, which makes the atmosphere unusual to say the least. It also attracts a younger audience.


La Bicicleta

Gorriti 5417

There's no stereotyping this informal milonga. There may be no hardwood floor, but instead there's superb decor, impressive tango expertise and a mad desire to join in the fun. The wine and homemade food are also excellent. Every Monday, it's the favourite practica of young 'Portenos'.


Los Zucca

Humberto Primo 1462

A classic in the oldest neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, San Telmo. Every Thursday from 10:30 pm, the Centro Region Leonesa is transformed into a wonderful dance floor and becomes one of the best tango halls in Buenos Aires. A short lesson is given to all expertise levels, then the floor is opened up to everyone. The audience is pretty young.