80 Senses: #24 - Learn the Argentine Tango

80 Senses: #24 - Learn the Argentine Tango

You could be tangoed. Some wag once described dancing as the vertical expression of a horizontal desire, and if that's the case then the Argentine tango is positively x-rated. In Buenos Aires it's more often than not performed by really, really good looking locals, which only adds to the attraction. The Argentinian national dance developed from the various immigrant populations that make up the majority of the Argentine populous, with roots that combine African slave music with Andalucian melodies and Italian influence. That influence, presumably, being the ability to flirt like a pro.


When in Buenos Aires...

And once you've seen the slick porteños (BA citizens) strutting their stuff, you can too, as we know the best tango tutors in town who will explain the correct posture, and the basic steps and figures such as the "Eight", "Sandwich with Mirror", "Sandwich with fence, hook and Mirror", and "The Walk". Rather bland names for something so raunchy, admittedly. Whether you fancy watching the experts from the safety of a table with a glass of delicious Argentinian malbec in your hand, or summon up the courage to don your heels and take to the floor, we can ensure that your visit to the home of tango is tailored accordingly.


A word of warning...

One final word of advice - do not under any circumstances attempt tango lessons on honeymoon. Tango is a serious contact sport - all writhing bodies and interlocked limbs - and watching your newly betrothed in the arms of an expert can cause no end of trouble.