Best Time to Visit Kerala

Best Time to Visit Kerala

Kerala’s picturesque mix of lush emerald foothills, palm-fringed beaches and tranquil backwaters might have you thinking that there is no such thing as a bad time to visit; but don’t be fooled – this exotic oasis is as at the behest of a tropical climate, which means that biblical downpours are as much on the weather agenda as scorching heat. That said, this southern Indian oasis is bursting at the seams with scenic and cultural delights, which means that no matter which month you visit, you will be sure to encounter colourful traditional festivities, mind-bogglingly beautiful scenery and plenty of good food (if you’re not too averse to a spice kick). Read on to discover the best time to visit Kerala.



For Hiking and Wildlife Watching

Spring in Kerala is a lovely affair - the weather is warm and dry for most of March and April, with humidity and rainfall only starting to come into the picture towards the end of May. If you’ve got your eye on a spot of hiking, then this is perhaps the best time to visit Kerala, as the skies are clear and blue and the sun bathes the lush, emerald hills in a golden glow. Head to the foothills of the Western Ghats to enjoy treks along well-marked hiking trails that range in difficulty. This is also a great time to check out the wonderful wildlife the state has to offer. Nestled in the mountains of the Western Ghats, the beautiful Periyar National Park is famous for its large population of tigers, but there are also deer, leopards, rare monkeys and elephants, who love spending time at water pools during March.



For Boat Races and Wellness Treatments

As May turns into June and then July, the monsoon season ramps up its gears a little (and then a lot), blessing the state with a whopping 20+ average days of rain. Things calm down a bit during August, but regular showers are still something to think about. And while this understandably might not sound like the best time to visit Kerala, there are still plenty of pros to travelling during this time. The first and foremost is the wonderful water spectacle of the boat races that take place across Kerala during July and August, which see talented locals head out on curiously-shaped boats to race their fellow boatmen on rivers, lakes and just about any body of water imaginable. After soaking in the frenzy of the boat races, some serious R&R will be in order; and luckily, the rainy summer months are one of the best times for it. Legend has it that the humid air of the monsoon season allows your skin to absorb every last drop of goodness from traditional Ayurvedic treatments. We can have you whisked off to a rejuvenating beach hotel to enjoy top-quality wellness treatments alongside learning the art of transcendental meditation.



For Cultural Delights Without the Crowds

It’s often said that Kerala doesn’t have an autumn – that it just has one long rainy season starting in June and lasts right through to November. There is some truth in the tale, as there are still a good ten or more days of rainfall, however the light showers do go quite a way in providing relief from the soaring temperatures (which can reach upwards of 30°C). This is a great time to soak in the cultural treasures of Kerala – we’re talking guided cycle rides through the charmingly historic port of Cochin, trips out to historic temples to observe puja (a Hindu offertory ceremony) and guided tours of delightfully maddening spice markets. The weather keeps getting better throughout the season, with reliable days of sun displacing the rain throughout November, which means you can start to think about turning your nose to the coast…



For Beach-Hopping and Outdoorsy Adventures

Towards the tail end of November, the rainy season makes itself scarce (hallelujah!) and the sun begins shining loud and proud once again, which means one thing and one thing only: summer in Kerala has officially arrived. And what a beautiful summer it is. With low rainfall and humidity and plenty of hot, sunny days, you can have a blast pretty much anywhere in Kerala. There is beach-hopping along the state’s 350 miles of exotic Arabian coastline, luxurious cruises on the lakes and canals of the emerald backwaters and guided hikes through the foothills of the steamy Western Ghats. Our team of experts can infuse your getaway with plenty of unusual experiences – be that learning to fish like a local, trying your hand at fish-net weaving or learning to cook a fiery Keralan curry with a local family. And at the end of a busy day in the sun, there’s nothing quite like hanging up your hat in some luxurious digs. We can arrange for you to stay in charming coastal retreats, boutique lakeside properties and beautifully converted kettuvallams (rice barges).