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Best Holiday Destinations 2013

Best Holiday Destinations 2013

Well, that was the year that was. And if there was one country on Earth that stole the headlines - well, the happy ones at least - it was good ol' Great Britain. Here's what's coming up next in the luxury travel world...


Recession, resmession, we said, collectively

In fact, not even the wettest summer on record could dampen our spirits on the sports field (don't even get us started on this one) or the balcony of Buck Pal with jubilees and imminent baby announcements.


But that was 2012..

When we all had excuses galore to stay at home. And 2013? Well, the world misses us and quite frankly we miss it, so it's time to pack up that bag and head out on the road again. But where, we hear you ask? Polishing off the Original Travel crystal ball, and starting close to home, we predict the Euro-visions for summer 2013 will be the beautiful Aegean coast of Turkey, the mysterious Peloponnese region of Greece and the unspoilt and uncannily Italianate region of Istria in Croatia. Here are the rest of our best holiday destinations 2013...


In the Middle East..

..and North Africa, Abu Dhabi is an instant favourite of ours and perfect for a shortish haul slug of winter sun, with or without kids in tow, and Sudan is the region's bright new (or should that be ancient) cultural destination. Further south in Africa, we confidently predict that Tanzania will continue to continue to fly and that - fingers firmly crossed - Kenya will be back on the map after peaceful elections in March.


Heading east..

Uzbekistan is our pick of the so-called Stans of central Asia, and what was once the North West Frontier of India is so hot right now (metaphorically) with Ladakh, a spectacular region infused with Tibetan culture, a winner, and Kashmir finally opening up again for tourists. Elsewhere in Asia, the islands of Indonesia are just incredibly beautiful and best explored from immaculate hotels or by boat. Papua New Guinea and Australia's Top End typify the sort of 'difficult to reach but well worth the effort' destinations that intrepid travellers will love, and then there's the Americas. North West Argentina is the ideal spot for a 4x4 adventure and makes for a great circuit with Bolivia and Northern Chile. Further north, we're all over-excited about the States, and California in particular. Watch this space (actually, watch the website) for new 'regions we love' coming soon.



Think that's enough for one year? Don't worry, we're not expecting you to go to all of them. Just half or so would do nicely, and saving some for 2014.


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