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Best Countries for Vegetarians

Best Countries for Vegetarians

Travelling as a vegetarian has long been a mission for the brave. Requests are lost in translation, lardons seem to appear in every dish and even uttering the words ‘I'm vegetarian’ can be met with looks of horror. But the world is changing, and with it our diets. A rise in the world-wide number of vegetarians means countries can’t help but cater for them, and meat-free dining abroad is now delightful rather than dreadful. Some countries are ahead of the game, so read on to discover our rundown of the best countries for vegetarians around the world.


  1. Germany
  2. India
  3. Taiwan
  4. Australia



Yes, Germany is home to over 1,500 varieties of sausage. But no, this doesn’t mean you’ll spend your time there attempting to bypass bratwurst. Germany boasts one of the highest vegetarian populations in Europe, with meat-free fanatics taking the ‘ham’ out of ‘Hamburg’ and replacing it with veggie alternatives. Käsespätzle – egg noodles tossed in Emmenthal cheese and crispy onions – can be found as frequently as macaroni and cheese in America and is even a staple for many meat-loving Germans. Meaty classics have also been reinvented, with soy schnitzels being enjoyed alongside the typical chicken ones. Myriad meatless dishes like these makes Germany one of the best countries for vegetarians.



If there’s one cultural cuisine vegetarians can count on, it’s Indian. Across the world, indulging in an Indian curry means plates filled with Bombay aloo (spiced potatoes), onion bhajis (battered and fried onion) and tarka dhal (creamy lentils). Of course there are some meat dishes, featuring chicken, lamb or beef simmered in spicy sauces, but religious attitudes see Indian cuisine often favouring the vegetarians. Hindus (80% of India’s population) views cows as sacred, while Muslims (14% of India’s population) prohibit pork. The result? Delicious dishes that proudly put vegetables front and centre. So grab a garlic naan and get ready to scoop up some delicious vegetarian dishes in India.



When Portuguese sailors first laid eyes on Taiwan in 1542, they named it ‘Ilha Formosa’; the beautiful island. Today, it’s the vegetarian visitors who arrive slack-jawed in awe. 13% of Taiwan’s population stick to a meat-free diet, resulting in a plant-based paradise – think sizzling dumplings doused in chilli sauce, or mock meat swimming in a fiery broth. Even the most stubborn meat eaters occasionally abstain, either for spiritual reasons or to participate in the nation’s ‘Meat Free Monday’. And with over 6,000 vegetarian restaurants to choose from, Taiwan truly is one of the best countries for vegetarians, flexitarians and anything in between.



Throw the shrimp off the barbie, because vegetarians are taking Australia by storm. Despite being known as lovers of weird and wonderful meats, from witchetty grubs to kangaroo tail soup, a surge in vegetarianism has seen meals switch from strange to sustainable. Haloumi now sits between burger buns, avocado is a brunchtime favourite and veggie skewers take top spot on the barbie. After all, this is the country of bleach-blonde surf bums who can’t resist a spot of soul searching; vegetarianism was bound to take over sooner or later.

Written by Evie Buller.

Header Image by Elena Paskaleva.