5 Top Tips for Planning a Babymoon

5 Top Tips for Planning a Babymoon

Two of the biggest events in a person's life are getting married and having a baby. While most people spend weeks (okay, months) planning their honeymoon, the same cannot be said of the babymoon. I'm sure a few of you reading this are thinking, what even is a babymoon? Although relatively new to the travel lexicon, babymoons are becoming more and more popular as people cotton on to the idea that one last romantic holiday pre-baby is, well, the best thing ever. Here are a few of our top tips for planning such a getaway.


Timing is everything

Travel and morning sickness are not exactly ideal bedfellows so it's probably best not to travel in your first trimester... that vision of you relaxing on a yacht, sun on face, wind in hair, as you cruise around the glamorous islands of Capri suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. Your second trimester or early into your third is the best time to travel - going abroad too close to your due date is not a good idea for all the obvious reasons.


Decide where NOT to go

You're pregnant, not an invalid and are still perfectly capable of a little adventure, thank you very much. But still, there are some places that are probably left well alone when planning a babymoon. Anywhere that you might need vaccinations for (or, for instance, malarial zones) are not worth the risk and food must also be a consideration; pregnant Delhi belly... the less said about that the better, I think we can all agree.


That being said...

There is still a huge array of amazing destinations ripe for a babymoon throughout Europe, the Caribbean and large parts of the Middle East. There's no need to feel restricted, the world is still very much your oyster so go somewhere you'd want to visit even if you weren't pregnant. That's not to say you should climb Mount Kilimanjaro or trek through the Amazon, but a babymoon is all about doing things you won't be able to for a while; ramp up the romance by going out for romantic meals, indulging in some spa treatments, staying up late on a rooftop bar or seeing some culture.


Think about your body

At the risk of sounding like a cheesy American rom-com, listen to your body. Your skin may become more sensitive during pregnancy so a babymoon of topping up the tan may be off the cards. Equally, if you're going for the city break option, make sure you plan lots of rest-stops along the way. Flying, while absolutely fine for most mothers-to-be, may become uncomfortable after a long stretch, while negotiating the plane's loo cubicle can be tricky at the best of times... don't get wedged!


Pick a great hotel

A babymoon is a final hit of holiday glory before your new bundle of joy takes over for a bit (OK, OK, forever) so make sure you spoil yourselves rotten, go all out and splurge on a seriously luxurious hotel. Think sumptuous beds, staff waiting on you hand and foot, pre-natal spa treatments and complete and utter relaxation... I'm drifting off into a daydream just writing about it.

So there you have it, the Original Travel guide to planning a babymoon, an absolute must for all expectant parents, but one that demands some careful thought and planning. Check out our babymoon page for some destination inspiration.