24 Hours In Venice

24 Hours In Venice

Indulge in a day of sightseeing in the little-known parts of Venice. Aim: get lost on the canals and discover the hidden side of this charming city also known as 'La Serenissima'. Let our Venice specialists take you through a perfect day in Venice.


Rialto Market

The Rialto Market is a must for soaking up the colourful displays of fish and vegetables and getting a sneak peek of all the restaurants' menus of the day.


Explore the Cannaregio

Do as the Venetians do and cross the canal in a traghetto (shared gondola) to reach the popular district of Cannaregio. Experience a traditional Italian wine bar, known as a 'bacaro', for a glass of prosecco or a spritz.


Discover hidden treasures

Follow the Strada Nova towards the train station and branch off to get lost in the small streets. Discover hidden treasures, such as Madonna dell'Orto, a secluded church that rivals the most beautiful in Venice.


Cicchetti Lunch

Explore Venice's Campo di Ghetto Nuovo, one of the world's oldest Jewish ghettos. Then, head to Ponte dei Tre Archi and along Fondamenta Misericordia to relax at the famous restaurant of Anice Stellato for a delicious lunch of cicchetti (tapas).


Visit the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

Stroll through the train station and reach this 13th century church, adorned with works by Tintoret and Canova, and one of Venice's gems.

6:00 pm

The famous Italian long drink

Return to the Rialto Bridge via Campo San Polo to enjoy a well-deserved Spritz, the legendary Italian cocktail with sweet and bitter flavours. 

8:00 pm

Dine under the setting sun

As the sun is setting and when most tourists are leaving, head to the island of Burano for a magical dinner.


Cover picture : Heureka Hotel