Luxury Holidays to Rupununi: An Overview

With its diverse range of ecosystems and wildlife-heavy wilderness, luxury holidays to Rupununi give you the chance to let your inner adventurer roam free.

With its vast open plains and sun-baked savannahs, Guyana's Rupunini region is a contrasting but welcome balance to the twisting sea of green of the country's rainforest-heavy interior. Covering a significant portion of southern Guyana and stretching into northern Brazil, Rupununi is one of the world's largest open ranges of savannah lands but don't let that fool you into thinking that this is just a flat desert-like destination; there is far more to this remarkable region than just grasslands (although there is plenty of that too).

Encompassing a mind-bogglingly diverse range of ecosystems, Rupununi includes everything from wetlands and rainforest-covered mountains, to remote Amerindian villages and cattle ranches steeped in history. For the intrepid traveller, this is about as good as it gets, a place seemingly suspended in time and far-removed from the rest of the world.

Like the rest of Guyana, Rupununi is a wildlife wonderland and thanks to its extreme seasonal changes, there is an amazing array of animals to see. During the rainy season (May to August) birdwatching is a must - with the chance to boat right up to nests on the swollen rivers - while the dry season is the time to see caiman, otters, capybara and other mammals. For the true wildlife lovers, we can arrange for you to get up close to the crocodilian caiman while taking part in a black caiman research project. Under the cover of darkness, accompany local scientists as they boat along the Rupununi River to capture and collect data on these fearsome prehistoric beasts.

For a hit of greenery after days spent bumping across the dusty savannahs on 4x4 safaris, take to the trees on the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway, a series of connecting platforms suspended almost 100ft above the rainforest with bird's-eye views over the native greenheart trees and the chance to spot high-dwelling red howler monkeys and bountiful bird life.

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