Follow in the footsteps of the Incas as you trek down a beautifully preserved stone path, which takes you from the barren Bolivian Andes down into the subtropical foliage of the Yungas.

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Set in the Cotapata National Park, the 3 day El Choro Trek is one of the most spectacular hikes on the continent. Starting at 'La Cumbre' (The Summit) at 15,400ft, this ancient Inca trail links the Andes with the warm cloud forest below, descending over 11,000ft in total to the small town of Chairo. It's a landscape full of contrasts and enchanting scenery, which will see you starting your trek in the snow-capped Andes, passing down through the clouds into the thickly forested valleys below, where heat and humidity begin to show their faces.

You'll see colourful birds, butterflies and plants as you make your descent, and be able to cool off in one of the many refreshing waterfalls which you'll pass on the way. Lots of little quirks make it particularly special, from rickety old bridges over rocky rivers to Tamiji, the Japanese hermit who fell in love with the Yungas while travelling there almost 60 years and now runs a camp-site where he meticulously makes a note of everyone who passes through it.


Where to stay

Posada del Inca

Posada del Inca

On Lake Titicaca’s Sun Island, Posada del Inca Eco Lodge is a converted colonial hacienda turned into a cosy lodge powered by solar energy.

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