With a history reaching back to the 1880s, the sensual Argentinian national dance comes from roots that combine African slave music with Andalucian melodies and Italian influences.

Fiercely perfectionist, and correspondingly difficult to master, the dance is measured, controlled and often melancholy; very different from other Latin genres such as samba or salsa. However it certainly has its fair share of passion; not only did it originate in the bordellos, accompanied by bawdy lyrics, but it is also a serious contact sport; all writhing bodies and interlocked limbs.

Original Travel recommends several excellent slick tango dinner shows, with great food alongside the superb dancing displays. Alternatively, we will arrange private or group lessons with the help of Buenos Aires' best known dance tutors who show you the correct posture, the language of the hands and the basic steps and figures - the "Eight", "Sandwich with Mirror", "Sandwich with fence, hook and Mirror", "The Walk", to name but a few.

Whether you fancy watching the experts from the safety of a table with a drink in your hand, or prefer to don your heels and take to the floor, we can ensure that your visit to the home of tango is suitably themed.

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