The driest desert in the US, the Mojave Desert extends across a vast region situated predominantly within south-eastern California and southern Nevada, but also Utah and Arizona. Containing the glittering metropolis of Las Vegas, as well as geographical wonders like Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Park, if you’ve taken a trip to the Western United States before, there’s a chance you’ve already set foot in the Mojave. If it’s true escapism from modern life you’re looking for during your Mojave Desert holiday, step into the unknown at the The Mojave National Preserve – a remote off-the-grid wilderness that’s not for the faint hearted,
but that offers a sense of serenity and seclusion that’s a special kind of magic and unlike most places on Earth. A land filled with ghost towns, carpets of wildflowers, rippling sand dunes, long-abandoned mines and even the legendary Route 66, which weaves its way across the harsh landscape. Suffice to say, a Mojave Desert holiday is an adventure like no other.

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