Forget crowded beaches and overtourism – on the UNESCO biosphere reserve of El Hierro, you’ll find unspoilt nature and accommodation run by passionate locals. This is the smallest of the seven main Canary Islands, and in a bid to become totally self-sufficient, it powers itself almost entirely with renewable energy. Wind turbines line lush green hillsides, and solar panels help to meet demand for the island’s inhabitants and the trickle of tourists who come in search of the road less travelled. El Hierro holidays mean hikes between land and sea, punctuated by dips in natural pools and moments to
simply marvel at the spectacular volcanic landscape. As well as traversing the island’s well-marked hiking trails, underwater exploring is a must. El Hierro’s waters are so full of life that a single diving trip might bring you face to face with an octopus, shark or school of colourful fish.

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