Beijing Holidays: An Overview

Beijing has served as China's capital for many centuries, and Original Travel have visited and revisited this historic city and can arrange for private guided tours with highly knowledgeable guides to explore the sights and sounds of the capital, as well as nearby sections of the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs and other highlights.

The heart of Beijing is the massive Tiananmen Square, one of the largest public spaces in the world and scene of the brutal crackdown in 1989. Chairman Mao proclaimed the birth of People's Republic of China here in 1949 in front of half a million people, and his body lies in state in a massive mausoleum that is still visited by thousands every day. Capitalism may be in place in all but name, but there is still reverence for the founder of the communist state - Mao's giant portrait also hangs over the entrance to the fascinating Forbidden City, the main residence for a succession of pre-Maoist leaders of equally dubious moral certitude, the dynastic emperors.

Meanwhile the Great Wall - despite clichéd descriptions to the contrary - is categorically not visible from space, but remains one of the most impressive feats of human endeavor and well worth a visit. We can recommend several parts of the wall worth exploration and within striking distance of the city.

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Beijing & the Great Wall
Beijing & the Great Wall
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A Note on Price

Prices to China depend on where and for how long you visit the vast country, but it can be expensive, and we recommend that you use a guide where possible. A week starts from £2,800 per person, including flights.

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