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St Moritz is famous for the thrilling Cresta Run. Descending the ¾ mile long run at speeds in excess of 60 mph (the best riders approach 80 mph), your face just inches above the surface of the ice, is the ultimate in adrenaline fixes.

Beginners start from Junction, a point approximately a quarter of the way along the course and are encouraged to go down in a time of between 65 and 75 seconds. If beginners follow instructions, they will negotiate the Cresta successfully, but ignoring the expert advice will almost certainly result in total loss of control and an airborne exit at Shuttlecock Corner, the most famous - and feared - point of the Run.

The Cresta Run is a private club but Original Travel is able to offer non-member clients the chance to ride the world famous track. The Run is open from late December to the end of February every year, conditions permitting. We say conditions permitting because the Run is hand-built by an expert team every year and is dependent on low temperatures and ice quality. No refrigerated tracks here!

Original Travel recommends to ride the Cresta in the morning, then head off to an Alpine restaurant for a traditional meal. Some of the best restaurants are only accessible by horse-drawn sledge. Wrapped in a fur blanket, guests are pulled along the crisp snow under frosted fir trees.

St Moritz also has a range of alternative winter activities on offer, including skiing, dog sledding, snow-shoeing, or curling. In the evening soak up the resort's great nightlife and cosmopolitan ambience.

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