Just a few short years ago Andermatt could boast a meagre 13 runs and a very limited lift system, but some major recent investment means the town is likely to almost double in size in the next few years, with attendant luxury accommodation and a vastly improved ski network.

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Andermatt has got big plans, and we're hopeful that the changes will make an already excellent resort even better, with all this less than two hours' drive or a charming two and a half hour train ride from Zurich Airport.

Our guide to holidays in Andermatt

It's all a far cry from the chic little resort once frequented by Brits in the 30s, 40s and 50s, and they would barely recognise the place, except for the charming train ride from Zurich Airport (and the remaining wooded houses of the old centre). When the Brit invasion began to dwindle, the next tribe to descend on Andermatt were off-piste fiends (the resort retains a reputation for superb powder conditions and ski touring opportunities to this day). After this the resort fell into gentle obscurity, only famed for its army base and almost completely off the tourist radar. Fortunately this state of affairs attracted Egyptian gazillionaire Samih Sawiris and his extremely deep pockets, and the rest - as they sort of say - is history in the making.

When the building work is finished (don't worry - it's being done in summers so disruption in ski season is minimal) visitors can expect six luxury hotels (of which the Chedi is the first), 490 apartments and 30 villas as well as commercial and sports facilities and an 18-hole golf course.

Away from the town, what sets Andermatt apart are the extremely reliable snow conditions and the monumental 9,700ft Gemsstock peak, famed for its awe-inspiring panoramic views and world-renowned high altitude runs. Adventurous skiers come in search of the Bernhard-Russi-run and the famous off-piste 'Giraffe' and 'Geissberg' routes, while hikers and Nordic walkers aim to conquer Andermatt's seven mountain passes. Meanwhile those wanting to maintain a lower resting heart rate can explore the cobbled charm of the original village centre or hop on the Glacier Express through the dazzling Alpine landscape.

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