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The owners first established Salt & Sill as a restaurant, where 40% of Sweden’s herring comes from. Such was the demand for rooms at the popular eatery; they decided to add a hotel to their burgeoning success, and a floating one at that.

Salt & Sill is a floating hotel on the small island of Klädesholmen north of Gothenburg, and its stark modern lines provide a fabulous contrast to the traditional red fishing huts and houses of the old harbour. It has a total of 23 rooms made from local granite, old wood from derelict fishing huts and much newer wood. This chic minimalism is purely functional however, as too much furniture may cause it to sink.

The restaurant in on terra firma, and the food is spot on, and being located in a prime herring-catching spot, it is safe to say that the fish may feature quite heavily on the menu. Luckily it is delicious, and is especially good pickled and served with blackberries for breakfast. Our one tip when it comes to food and drink is don't over do the evening schnapps - the swaying notion will make you feel tipsy enough as it is.

Why We Love It

Go out on the hotel's fishing boat on a lobster 'safari'.

Charlotte H, Original Traveller

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