A lesser-known wildlife spot compared to some of its African counterparts, Mozambique’s diverse habitats play host to some of the continent’s most well-loved species. Big game, such as lions, cheetahs, elephants, leopards and rhinos, roam its safari parks and nature reserves, while smaller animals like buffalo, antelopes, zebras and hyenas inhabit the open savannahs and expansive prairies. Renowned as an outstanding dive spot, Mozambique’s underwater wildlife is as mesmerising as its on land occupants. With a number of marine national parks sitting beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean, Mozambique
wildlife holidays combine the best of on-land animal encounters and underwater sea life experiences.

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White Pearl was very special. The staff were outstanding and did a lot to make our stay a pleasure. We loved having breakfast on our verandah and choosing a different private spot for dinner each night. We thought the cottage we were in was ideal as it gave us easy access to the beach but still felt very private. Thank you again for all your help and personal attention. We are hoping to contact you again one day for that trip to Malawi I so wanted to do!
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