From hiking through the wilds of Argentinian Patagonia and trekking past snow-dusted peaks, to wandering through the buzzing streets of Buenos Aires and immersing yourself in its Tango culture, Argentina solo travel is an adventurous and action-packed undertaking. A country so vast demands thorough exploration and as a solo traveller, you can spend as long as you wish getting to grips with its myriad landscapes and intoxicating cities. Sip on full-bodied Malbecs in complete solitude during a wine tasting excursion in Mendoza, enjoy the peace and quiet of Patagonia while venturing into the wilderness,
and dive into Argentina’s dining scene during street food and market tours.

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Our Argentine experience was great, thank you for all your hard work. Buenos Aires was an amazing city, we had a wonderful guide and the Tango, I know a bit of a tourist trap, but it was terrific. We were most impressed by the level of professionalism. Both hotels were perfect. Glacier was also simply perfect.
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