From the bright lights of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to the rolling sand dunes of the Empty Quarter, the United Arab Emirates is an uber-cool honeymoon destination for adventure-loving newlyweds. Many travellers to this part of the world gravitate to Dubai, a glamorous city that blends together new and old with its ultra-modern skyscrapers, historic districts and charming souqs. Prepare to be mesmerised by the city’s glitzy architecture as you walk through its streets lined with palm trees and colourful bougainvillea flowers and indulge in the exotic beaches, heart-racing adventures, luxurious spas and gastro delights on the city’s doorstep.
Beyond Dubai there’s Abu Dhabi – the UAE’s dazzling capital and a millionaire’s playground – and the Empty Quarter, a huge stretch of desert where you can camp beneath the stars, go off-road driving and give sandboarding a go; the United Arab Emirates honeymoons have it all.

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