Honduras Holidays: an Overview

The world is pretty much split into people who know nothing about Honduras, and those that have vaguely heard of Copan - one of the finest Mayan cities in all of Central America. But there's so much more to the place than that. A holiday to Honduras will encompass white sand beaches as gorgeous as those in Panama, pristine reefs to match those in Belize, adventurous activities aplenty a la Costa Rica, the aforementioned ruins at Copan, charming locals and a lovely lazy, laidback vibe. And all this a two hour hop from Miami, but without the Americanisation that has altered the essential character of other countries in the region. Oh, and it's pretty good value, too. Sold? We are.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Honduras is the same, but different. You'll still find Caribbean Islands, Mayan Ruins and huge rainforests filled with wildlife - there'll just be far fewer accompanying tourists
  • The Bay Islands are famous for having some of the best diving in Central America, and laid back Roatan has a handful of lovely hotels too, unlike its more backpacking-friendly neighbouring countries
  • Pico Bonito National Park is a bird watcher's paradise. Over 400 species have been counted just a 20 minute walk from the Park's lodge

More on travel to Honduras...

A host of celebs have been buying up beachfront in Honduras, and while that's not necessarily a good thing, it does show that this little Central American nation has finally come in from the cold.

This is one of the places that fits in the 'it's just like [insert as applicable] was 20 years ago', and in this case that would be Costa Rica - still one of favourite countries, but one that's fast having its rough edges smoothed off.

A Honduras holiday is all about experiencing those rough edges, and that's its charm. Copan is an incredible example of Mayan city building, but still has a 'just discovered' feel thanks to far fewer visitors than sites such as Tikal or Tulum; likewise the beachfront lodges and hotels are simple but comfortable, and the whole place is refreshingly good value. Even better, this is a pretty small place, so even in a week you can combine a few days on the beach with a dose of culture and some jungly activities in Pico Bonito National Park. Maybe even combined with a couple of nights in that hippest of cities, Miami for added contrast.

Did you know

  • Honduras is the country with the second highest number of coral reefs, after Australia
  • Hondurans are called Catrachos and Catrachas in Central America and their own country
  • It has also been known as the Banana Republic, because of its large amount of banana agriculture

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