Papua New Guinea Holidays: an Overview

Papua New Guinea is pretty much as close as you can get to frontier travel in this day and age. The interior of the country (the Highlands) remained completely uncharted until the 1930s. The colonial powers had thought that the area was uninhabited due to the rugged terrain, but when they ventured inland in search of gold they found over a million people still living a virtually stone age lifestyle, completely untouched by modern civilisation.

Why would you holiday in Papua New Guinea? It's all about the diversity both in terms of people and culture (there are over 800 active languages) and wildlife (particularly birds) as well as the thrill of adventure. Any trip to the interior of the country should try and take in at least two, and ideally more of the different areas as seeing and taking part in the diverse cultures is what makes this place so special. Whether you choose to canoe down the Karawari river in an outrigger canoe, visit the Huli Wigmen in Tari, trek the famous Kokoda Track, or explore the fascinating island provinces; there is enough to keep you occupied for months (though we will make sure you get the best in whatever time you have).

For many people, the reason to travel here is the unspoilt and world-class diving that lies off both mainland Papua New Guinea and its island provinces (and around the Solomon Islands, too). And it doesn't disappoint. From the pristine coral of Walindi and the big fish at Kavieng, to the offshore reefs at Tufi and liveaboard diving in the Solomon Sea, this area of the world really does have it all from a diving perspective. And the best bit? There is virtually no-one there.

Things are changing, but outside the main cities, traditional life and culture still prevails in the villages and it is fascinating to see. Be aware though that money is starting to flow into the country due to its richness in natural resources (ExxonMobil is extracting natural gas, and gold mining has been going on for a long while) so things are starting to change more rapidly.

We have recently visited the country to find the very best ways you can explore it. Whether you want to do it in relative luxury, flying in private planes and staying in exclusive lodges around the country, or whether you want to trek through the jungle, washing in rivers and staying in local villages, we can arrange it all for you.

Explore it before it's gone.

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A Note on Price

Excluding flights, expect to pay from £2,000 to £3,000 per person for a luxury holiday to Papua New Guinea.