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If you haven’t yet dosed up on winter sun then you’re running out of months before – so the theory goes – the sun returns to northern Europe.

March is an excellent month to visit the Middle East before it gets too hot. Oman in particular is an Original Travel favourite and caters wonderfully to both couples and familes. Looking further afield, Namibia is ideal at this time of year - its soaring sand dunes and safari game make for an epic escape.

Depending on the complicated algorithm that dictates the dates, this can also be the time to make the most of the Easter bank holidays. Easter in Antigua Guatemala is busy but brilliant, and works well with Belize. Further south, March is a great time to go to Chile as it's not too crowded and the winds have started to die down in Patagonia but it's still nice and warm.

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Beware the Ides of March, and pretty much every other day in one of the UK’s more miserable months. Meanwhile the ski slopes of the Alps beckon.

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