Panama, the small country that connects Central and South America, is home to impressive natural and manmade wonders – including the world-famous Panama Canal. Read on for more about our recommendations for the best things to do in Panama, from immersing yourself in local culture to taking in the sites, there is something for everyone.

The Panama Canal

The artificially built waterway stretches 50 miles across the width of the country and connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, forming one of the globe's most important trading routes with over 14,500 vessels passing through each year

Admire this architectural 20th century feat, finally completed in 1914 after protracted years of development, and substantial loss of life among workers. The US took most of the profits until the 1999 handover when Panama was able to control it autonomously – this has contributed to the huge influx of investment within the country itself.

It’s worth visiting either the Miraflores or Pedro Miguel Locks to see the procedure of the changing water levels and for a private tour of the iconic canal. The best time to watch the shipping traffic is usually from 9am in the morning. Our guides will explain the process and show you around the museum – particularly to hear the gran expansion plans.

One way of doing this journey in a unique fashion is to take the 0715 train to Colon, along the Canal. At Colon, clients can visit Fuerte San Lorenzo (a fort there), Porto Velho (Port of Spaniards) and to the East there is an Embera Tribe - more authentic and less visited and developed than the others close to Panama City.

Visit Casco Viejo

Stroll through the beautifully preserved Spanish colonial streets in the UNSECO protected neighbourhood of Casco Viejo. The walled 16th century setting is rich in excellent examples of Spanish colonial architecture and has impressive views of Panama City's modern skyscrapers in the distance.

Local Rooftop Live Music

Enjoy a drink while listening to some fantastic local music at one of our favourite rooftop bars in the city. Experienced cocktail makers will create delicious drinks to suit your taste, which you can sip while taking in the impressive panoramic views of the city's skyline and out to the Atlantic Ocean.

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