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Where to Spot: Penguins

Where to Spot: Penguins

Last night's Dynasties was another emotional blinder, though the freezing cold winter did have us pulling on an extra jumper and whacking the heating up several degrees to combat our sympathy shivers. We were transfixed as Sir David narrated us through the penguins' winter - which, if we're honest with ourselves, makes our complaints about the Beast of the East look feeble in comparison.

Feeling inspired to see the adorable chicks in real life, we've had a bit of a brainstorm and asked ourselves 'where are the best spots for getting up close and personal with penguins, emperor or otherwise?' Read on for three of our favourite destinations...


Atka Bay - Antarctica

Part of Norway's Antarctic territory, Atka Bay was the spot where the Dynasties team found their colony of emperor penguins. Several of our favourite Antarctica trips make a pit stop in the bay, giving you the chance to get to know the flightless birds in their frosty natural habitat. Having spent time with the penguins and their adorable chicks - who are almost certain to waddle over and say hello - you will head back to your luxury berth (or if you're pulling out all the stops for a money-no-object trip, your salubrious pod in Antarctica's first and only luxury camp - White Desert). Antarctic trips always involve multiple wildlife experiences, including whale spotting and visits to seal colonies, so whatever floats your zoological boat it'll be on the list.


The South Shetland Islands - Antarctica

Usually the first land sighted after crossing the Drake Passage, the nine major South Shetland Islands are home to chinstrap, Adelie, gentoo and macaroni (nothing like pasta) penguins. These nine islands are the most popular to visit by both tourists and research scientists. Explore the South Shetland Islands with an expert guide aboard a luxury expedition ship while gaining in-depth knowledge of the unique landscape and its wildlife as you glide past icebergs and snoozing penguins. All of the amazing scientific research going on here allows you to really get under the skin of the region by interacting with scientists and learning about the fascinating and vital research taking place on the continent.


Cape Peninsula - South Africa

For those travelling with children in tow, we suggest taking a slightly different tack. South Africa's Cape coastline is dotted with beaches that are home to the adorable, and tiny, African penguin. Travel to an undercover 'secret' penguin beach to avoid the large crowds at the main penguin colony. We can arrange a paddle boarding session where your own little penguins can interact with real deal themselves - much more authentic than going to the zoo.