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Where To Go in March

Where To Go in March

March: a month typified by new-born lambs frolicking in fields, daffodils blooming and the start of it being socially acceptable to scoff Creme Eggs at all hours. But, lest we forget, March 2018 was, in reality, dominated by a certain Beast of an Easterly nature and its after-effects, which had us all wondering whether spring would ever materialise. So in the interest of Beast-avoidance, we've decided that this March should really be all about the last-minute escape; swap the dodgy British weather for sun-soaked scenery or snow that actually enhances the experience. And if you've missed the boat for this year, we've also thrown in a few ideas for 2020...




Safari in Kenya

Make the most of the last hot, dry month in Kenya and let us organise you a last-minute safari. With fewer people travelling at this time of year the prices are lower and the national parks are quieter, meaning you'll also have a better chance of exclusive wildlife sightings. Beach lovers can also pair the bush with the beach and add on a few days R&R at the end.


City Break in Seville, Spain

'Hot, hot' it is not, but beautiful Seville is best explored when it's not scorching anyway. This March go on the hunt for the city's best tapas with an expert guide and gaze up at some of its architectural highlights (including the stunning Seville Cathedral) as you explore on foot, and then top off the weekend watching an emotive flamenco performance.


Culture and Beach in Myanmar and Thailand

Combining a desire for cultural endeavours with enough 'help-me-I-need-sun' beach time can be a hard balance to strike. On a 15-day trip to Myanmar and Thailand we think we've found the perfect solution. Namely, ballooning over Bagan and then visiting remote rural villages in Chiang Mai, before basking on Phuket's warm golden beaches.





Skiing in Whistler, Canada

While the Alps are savouring the last few weeks of the ski season snow in March, the Canadian season is still in full swing. As well as skiing (or boarding) on world class slopes and messing around in the snow parks in Whistler, start the holiday in charming Vancouver and you'll also get to drive the stunning Sea to Sky Highway.


Adventure in Svalbard, Norway

A Big Short Break in Norway's Svalbard is about as epic as winter adventures get. Forget British sleet and grey skies, on this remote archipelago you'll be exploring ice caves, snowmobiling across the wilderness with eyes peeled for polar bears and (everything crossed) admiring star-studded skies ablaze with the Northern Lights.




Lush Valleys in Bhutan

Beautiful Bhutan has miraculously held off the forces of globalisation and technology to remain blissfully unspoilt and unique. Explore this pocket-sized country's lush valleys and numerous ornate dzongs (temples) by day, and then by night rest your head in some of the newly opened and predictably luxurious Six Senses properties.


Deeper Cuts of Colombia

Scratching beneath the surface of Colombia you'll discover not just colourful cities bursting with culture, but also incredible landscapes and beautiful beaches. Whether hiking around San Agustin in the foothills of the Andes, meeting locals in the lush Coffee Region or sunbathing on the tiny island of Providencia, we can arrange it.




Biodiversity in Costa Rica

As one of the world's most biodiverse countries, Costa Rica is home to a staggering 500,000 animal species. March provides ideal conditions for exploring Tortuguero National Park where you can spot turtles, spider monkeys, jaguars, sloths, toucans and more, and snorkelling in the Gulf of Papagayo provides equally impressive marine sightings.


Elephants in Botswana

Mashatu Game Reserve is a real hidden gem in Botswana's south-eastern Tuli Block. Safari here and expect to spot leopards, wild dogs, lions and above all, elephants. Nicknamed 'Land of Giants' it's not uncommon to find herds of 200 plus in the reserve, and since there are fantastic viewing hides here, you can also get amazingly close to these gentle giants.




New Openings in Oman

A lifelong favourite of Original Travel's, Oman has, of late, found itself in the spotlight as one of the world's 'must visit' destinations. There are several hot new hotel openings scheduled for the end of this year so, with even more attention drawn to this diverse and adventure-ready destination, we recommend getting ahead of the crowds and booking now.


Holi Festival in India

If you want to secure availability for a holiday in Rajasthan which coincides with Holi Festival (9-10 March 2020), make sure you plan well in advance. As well as seeing all the usual highlights, including tigers in Ranthambore National Park and sunrise over the Taj Mahal, we can organise for you to join a local celebration of this fantastic festival of colour.

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