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Where to go in Europe in Spring

Where to go in Europe in Spring

As the bridge between winter and summer, spring is often overlooked in favour of its warmer and cooler neighbours. But dismissing this season is missing a trick; the mild climate, smaller crowds and emerging pops of colour make travelling to Europe in spring a chance to gain a fresh perspective on familiar countries. Whether discovering new festivals in Munich or hiking through Tuscany without breaking a sweat, read on to find out which European spots we recommend visiting in spring.


  1. Munich, Germany
  2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  3. Lisbon, Portugal
  4. Tuscany, Italy
  5. Oslo, Norway


Munich, Germany

April showers bring May flowers... and a steady flow of German beer. Frühlingsfest (also known as Springfest) is Oktoberfest’s younger spring sibling, promising all the same Bavarian food, music and outfits without autumn’s beer-crazed crowds. The 16 tents are stripped back to just two, with one sporting a cocktail bar for lager loathers who still want to prost ‘til they drop. When the dancing’s done, browse and barter at Riesenflohmarkt, the city’s biggest flea market that returns every spring.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When spring blooms in Amsterdam, tulips take centre stage. Whether you’re a floral fanatic or simply looking to avoid the city’s summer heat, it’s impossible not to be spellbound by Keukenhof Gardens during spring. The tapestry of tulips honours the work of gardeners who plant seven million bulbs in autumn, ensuring a dazzling display for over one million visitors in spring. Back in the city, the streets are awash with orange during April’s King’s Day, an annual celebration for the King’s birthday that sees open-air festivities take over. With the first rays of sunshine illuminating both tulips and orange celebrations, Amsterdam is one of the best cities to visit in Europe in spring.


Lisbon, Portugal

With summer almost in full swing and the sun setting at an attractive 8.30 pm, Lisbon in May is a sun-seeker’s dream. July’s crowds are yet to hit, so forget jostling for a spot on the beach and enjoy early-morning dips in the breezy Atlantic waters. After dining al fresco at dusk, experience Lisbon by night at one of the city’s treasured fado (a profoundly melancholic and expressive form of singing) hot spots. This genre of music is integral to the Portuguese experience and has been recognised by UNESCO as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. As you leap out of your seats in one of Alfama’s bars, you’ll feel more than just the energy of spring in the air.


Tuscany, Italy

Europe in spring presents the perfect playground for outdoor adventure. Italy proves it doesn’t have to be all muscly marble sculptures and beachside Spritz's because Tuscany beckons with its charming countryside. Spring means warm (but not unbearably hot) days in vineyards, cycling along gravel roads through Chianti and Val D’Orcia or relaxing in Petriolo’s hot springs. Plan a day trip to Tuscany’s capital, Florence, for a city fix and feast on meats and cheeses with an enviable view of the Duomo.


Oslo, Norway

Spring is the season of transition, and in Norway, the country melts away from its winter slumber. Oslo comes alive as the days get longer, the relaxed streets anticipating the summer crowds yet to arrive. Stick to the city to visit museums dedicated to the likes of the Vikings and Edward Munch, or marvel at Vigeland Park’s sculptures. You can’t mention Norway without fjords, so head out on a boat trip to be belittled by the towering precipices dusted with winter’s lingering snow.

Written by Evie Buller.