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Where to Go for Outdoor Living

Where to Go for Outdoor Living

If you like your country big then this fab foursome are well worth exploring. Read on to find out how they put the 'great' in The Great Outdoors.



One of Colombia's nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Coffee Triangle might just be the most beautiful of the lot. Expect a majestic, panoramic landscape of bucolic green hills and acres of coffee plantations with volcanoes as a dramatic backdrop. When you're here it's all about getting out and about to explore, on horseback or on foot, to take in the remarkable flora and fauna. In total there are over 300 species of bird and many a primate, including the very vocal howler monkey.



Namibia is home to just 2.5 million people, making this one of the least densely populated places on Earth. That means you can explore rich red dunes, wonderfully wild coastlines and even a recognised Dark Sky Reserve (due to lack of light pollution), all safe in the knowledge there won't be anyone else around. We can arrange a self-drive safari, taking in the coast and big game spotting at the Etosha salt pan, as well as extraordinary light aircraft flying safaris along the Skeleton Coast.



The American West consists of wide-open plains, some truly epic ranches for that quintessential cowboy experience and awe-inspiring national parks in the country that invented this most admirable concert. We heartily recommend getting out into the fresh air and exploring on foot, on horseback or even snowshoe in winter. We can create the perfect itinerary whether you want a ranching holiday or a national parks road trip, or a clever combo of both.



As befits a country 2,653 miles long and lying between the Andes and the Pacific, Chile's landscapes are almost implausibly diverse; each one its own gateway into the great outdoors. Embrace all Chile has to offer on a trip taking in the arid beauty of the Atacama Desert, the immense granite towers of the Torres del Paine in Patagonia and the enigmatic Easter Island, not to mention pretty much everything in between from glaciers to rainforests.