Travelling with Tweens

Travelling with Tweens

The world is their oyster... just don't try making them eat one. Follow these few simple ground rules and these could just be the happiest holidays you ever have...


Keep Up!

There may be younger siblings on the scene now as well, so a word of warning: parents and older siblings must resist the urge to up the adventure ante too high, in the process dragging younger children along on potentially unsuitable trips. Rule one - the holiday needs to be chosen to suit the pace of the youngest child.


Long Haul

Long haul flights are no big hurdle - in fact they're more likely to be a cause for excitement. Children at this age are far more flexible and less likely than their parents to stiffen up on a long flight. Besides, they'll just plug in and tune out for the duration.


Guiding Lights

At this age choosing the best guides is key, because they can and should be a source of inspiration. Who knows - if your guide is passionate enough about their chosen subject they could even influence your tween's future career choice. Needless to say we only work with the very best guides who can entertain and inspire you and your brood in equal measure.


Keep them Grounded

Value is - of course - always a concern, and we also appreciate that parents don't want their children taking luxury for granted, so we work with a range of hotels in our destinations at different price levels.



The travel trend of the moment is for authenticity. As the children are now of an age to understand the nuances of potential differences in quality of life between their existence at home and in their holiday destination, we offer a range of family-friendly activities designed to offer genuine insights into other ways of life.