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Travel Like Marie Kondo

Travel Like Marie Kondo

""Spark Joy"". A wonderful phrase that's become synonymous with the Japanese tidying expert-turned-bestselling-author-turned-Netflix-star Marie Kondo. Her method is satisfyingly simple - go through each of your belongings and ask yourself the question: 'Does this item spark joy?' If the answer is 'No' then out it goes (ideally to a friend who will have a joyful time with it, or to a good cause). At Original Travel, we've taken this tidying technique and applied it to a much bigger philosophy - that we should cherish the things in our lives that bring us joy, and that we should be mindful in our choices. It's probably no surprise that for us travel sparks some serious joy (and also doesn't require us to actually get rid of anything in our home), so what better way to plan your next adventure than with mindfulness and joy (and us) as your guides? From packing your bags using the famous KonMari Folding Method to letting us handpick each element of your trip, we'll help make sure that every detail of your next adventure sparks joy.


Making Planning A Joy

You've decided that it's time for a holiday. If you want one that genuinely sparks joy then you need to think about everything from where to go to who to go with and where to stay or what to eat. Maybe you want to go on a fun-filled family holiday and spend your time making the famous pastel de natas in Portugal, or seeing the real-life cast of the Lion King on an African safari. Or perhaps you fancy a guide-led group tour with like-minded travellers to exotic destinations like Mongolia or Uzbekistan. We'll help you plan it all and take the stress out of the process with our handy additional services like departure assistance and live holiday updates on the Original Travel app (which is a joy-sparker in itself by keeping all of your documents in one paperless place). We'll help declutter your mind of pre-holiday worries and organise your trip like a perfectly folded sock drawer, leaving you time to embrace the joy.


Joyful Packing

Yes, really. Arguably the most revolutionary Kondo tidying tool is her ingenious KonMari folding technique. In short, rather than lying your clothes haphazardly in a drawer, they should stand upright. This not only saves space but also ensures that your garments are crinkle free when you're ready to wear them. Master this technique (or if you're struggling, purchase some handy packing cubes to help you out) and your luggage will be a haven of organisation and neatness. Go one step further and embrace the 'Spark Joy' mentality when deciding what to bring along on your next jaunt. Choose versatile items that can be worn multiple ways and layered, and plan ahead of time; packing light will give you more freedom to enjoy your trip without lugging along a bulky suitcase and arrive at your destination as zen as Ms. Kondo herself.


Spark Joy While Travelling

What experiences will spark joy on your next big adventure? Maybe you're sick to death of the hectic craziness of your everyday life and want to swap meetings for mojitos and suits for sand dunes. Instead of running to catch a train to work, you could be swinging serenely in a beach hammock. If you want a trip that lets you slow down and embrace a simpler way of being, then maybe an island-hopping holiday in the Seychelles is the answer, or a beach break on Italy's beautiful Amalfi Coast. With our Concierge Service, you'll always have someone on hand to recommend the best local restaurants, ship your luggage ahead of you (carting around multiple suitcases doesn't spark a single ounce of joy), or make last minute changes to your itinerary. This leaves you the time to unwind, unplug and clear your mind and actually focus on the joy of travel.


Ignite The Sabbatical Spark

It's all well and good embracing a simpler style of living on a relaxing holiday but what happens when your life is so packed full of stuff that a two-week trip just doesn't cut it? If your mind is clogged and your sanity is spilling out then a sabbatical might be the magical solution to your woes. Get back to nature with a two-month trek around the rainforests of Borneo looking for rare wildlife species, learn the art of meditation in the mountains of Bhutan on a wellness retreat, or experience Aboriginal Australia on a culturally immersive sabbatical. Give your life (and mind) a much-needed spring clean with the adventure of a lifetime and return with a new perspective and the motivation to create a more mindful life.


Spark Joy In The Wider World

You've planned your next dream holiday, packed a perfectly organised suitcase, detoxed your life on a sabbatical and returned to a well-ordered life with a serene outlook envied by your friends, family and colleagues. You've graduated from Kondo class and now it's time to take your newly learned lessons out into the wider world and continue your spring-cleaned life. At Original Travel, we believe that travel should always be mindful and responsible - positively affecting the people and destinations we visit. Become an advocate of responsible travel by making ethical choices (with our guidance) on every trip you take, or devote your whole adventure to helping with a holiday to Uganda where you can help researchers and guides to track chimpanzees. Alternatively, head to South Africa to save an endangered rhino and watch its release with the admirable Rhinos Without Borders charity, or spend time supporting a number of humanitarian projects in developing countries with our Foundation.