Costa Rica

Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica

Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica

With acres and acres of lush rainforest bordered by two strings of impeccable coastline, you can trust us when we say that tourist attractions in Costa Rica are not hard to come by. And thanks to the nation’s pride in its tourism (and more recently eco-tourism) industry, many of the best sites are easily accessible and can be enjoyed in plenty of luxury and comfort. Yet despite its international popularity, Costa Rica has all but entirely avoided becoming the next Cancún-esque, fly-and-flop tourist trap. The beach towns bask in an authentic charm, the sweeping national parks are impeccably well preserved and the pristine coastline remains as beautiful as ever. Read on for a roundup of the top experiences to add to your holiday hit list…

  1. Active Adventures in the Arenal Volcano National Park
  2. Beach Hopping Down the Pacific Coast
  3. The Caribbean Vibes of the East Coast
  4. Wellness Retreats and Personal Restoration
  5. Wildlife Watching Anywhere and Everywhere
  6. The Cultural Delights of San Jose


Active Adventures in the Arenal Volcano National Park

Poking out of the lush lands of Costa Rica are around 60 seriously beautiful volcanoes; but the symmetrically cone-shaped emerald Arenal Volcano is without a doubt the star of the show, making it one of the best tourist attractions in Costa Rica. The jungle backdrop of the mammoth peak is a haven for adventure seekers, with zip-lining, wildlife spotting and white-water rafting all on the agenda. For something a bit more laid back, we can arrange for you to enjoy a dip in the healing waters of the volcano’s hot springs, restorative spa treatments in a secluded lodge and yoga classes in the heart of nature.


Beach Hopping Down the Pacific Coast

Beach hopping your way across the wild and wonderful Pacific Coast is probably the forefront image in your mind when you find yourself dreaming of a tropical Costa Rican getaway — and we’re here to tell you that the reality does not disappoint. From the sheltered coves of the northern Papagayo Peninsula to the tropical fjord bays of the Golfo Dulce, through the epic surf breaks of Nosara and the castaway-style beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park, this sumptuous string of coastline is conducive to some serious R&R. That said, restless souls who can’t sunbathe on the beach for too long are catered for too. We can arrange humpback whale watching in Ballena National Maritime Park, private surfing lessons in Nosara and guided horse riding through the Tocori Biological Reserve.


The Caribbean Vibes of the East Coast

The Caribbean coast flies further under the radar than its Pacific neighbour — but we’re all for it, as it means you can soak in the cool Caribbean culture in all of its unaltered authentic charm (hint: there’s lots of rum, reggae and rambunctious nightlife). The vibrant coastal town of Puerto Viejo de Limon is the centre of all the action. You can catch some gnarly waves at popular Playa Bonita, kick back with a cocktail and a good book on pristine Playa Chino and sample some top-quality Caribbean delights at one of the town’s many relaxed eateries, all before heading back to an intimate boutique hotel in the heart of lush vegetation. For a more laid-back vibe you can check out the remote Tortuguero National Park, which is the perfect place to sunbathe on a pristine black-sand beach by day and watch adorable turtles hatch with one of our local guides by night.


Wellness Retreats and Personal Restoration

The Nicoya Peninsula, which stretches down the western Pacific coast, is one of the world’s top five ‘Blue Zones’ — areas where people live exceptionally long and healthy lives. So, naturally, many globe-trotters flock to the peninsula in search of the local secrets to longevity. While there, we recommend mirroring the lives of the mind-bogglingly healthy locals — think plenty of outdoor activities in the vitamin-rich sun, tucking into nutritious organic dishes and letting any lingering stresses drift away with gentle azure waves. And your personal restoration doesn’t have to stop when you’re exploring the rest of Costa Rica — we can arrange for you to enjoy volcanic yoga flows in Arenal, a detox programme at a jungle retreat near San Jose and a four-step treatment program at a wellness retreat on the Golfo Dulce.


Wildlife Watching Anywhere and Everywhere

Ticos — or Costa Ricans — are well adapted to living in tandem with the macaws, monkeys and mantas that also call this tropical slice of Central America home. And with over 5,000 wildlife species (representing around 4% of the world’s total species), you’ll be stumbling across exotic creatures everywhere you turn. But for something extra special, we can have you whisked off to the Tortuguero National Park to watch turtles nest or hatch, to the treetop canopies of Arenal to spot monkeys and sloths and to Isla Jesuita to observe bio-luminescent plankton. There is also the wonderful world beneath the ocean’s surface which is home to tropical fish, dolphins, turtles and manta rays.


The Cultural Delights of San Jose

The nation’s charming capital has long been overlooked in favour of the many rainforests, national parks and beaches; nevertheless, San Jose is slowly becoming one of the most popular tourist attractions in Costa Rica in its own right. And what it might lack in natural wonder, it more than makes up for in cultural prowess and there really is no shortage of beautifully-curated museums, world-class eateries and top-quality shopping districts. And the best part? Nature is still well and truly at your fingertips. Visit the nearby La Paz Waterfall Gardens to admire over 100 species of wildlife or and spend time unwinding in a nearby spa retreat nestled in the heart of secluded rainforest.