Top Six Things to do in Peru

Top Six Things to do in Peru

Here are some of the highlights in South America's third largest country...


Machu Picchu

Shrouded in mist and mystery, and one of the most photographed spots in all of South America, the 'Lost City of the Incas' was rediscovered in 1911, more than 400 years after it was abandoned. We've talked about how to get here, but we can also lay on the best guide to get you away from the tourists when there.


Mil - the World's Ultimate Destination Restaurant

45 minutes away from Cusco and nearly 11,500ft above sea level, chef Virgilio Martinez's latest venture is a sister to Central in Lima - recently voted the fifth best restaurant in the world. Mil serves local produce in innovative ways - think llama tartare - and even the water is Andean snowmelt. (Closer to home, his Michelin-starred Lima, in London, is also excellent.)


Paddle to Pisac Market

Kayak along one of the most scenic stretches of the Urubamba River to pick up your lunch from Pisac market, where every Sunday indigenous Quechua people from the surrounding highlands come to buy and sell their produce. En route, spot wildlife such as howler monkeys and electric blue morpho butterflies.


Eat Your Way around Lima

The culinary culture inherited from Lima's large Japanese community has helped create a genuinely unique fusion cuisine known as Nikkei, best sampled at Maido. Our Peru Concierge can snaffle that all too elusive table.


Raft from the Andes to the Amazon

Travel through class IV (ie: challenging) rapids on the Tambopata River, floating through rainforests teeming with wildlife and setting up on camp on remote riverine beaches every night of this multi-day white water rafting adventure.



Head out into the Paracas National Reserve near Nazca to scale vast sand dunes before reaping the rewards on a thrilling sandboard ride back back down. Unless you're a pro snowboarder we strongly recommend sitting on the board rather than standing, but even then, expect thrills, spills and sand everywhere.