Top Eight Things to Do in Louisiana

Top Eight Things to Do in Louisiana

Step into the heart of the Deep South, where the Mississippi River flows, sultry jazz melodies dance through the French Quarter, and flavours burst with soulful intensity. Louisiana, a state steeped in history, tradition, and a dash of Cajun spice, is full of culture and charm. From the lively streets of New Orleans, where Mardi Gras ignites the city, to the wildlife-filled swamplands, Louisiana (also known as the Pelican State) has a way of captivating the senses. As they say in this vibrant state, “let the good times roll” because here's our roundup of the top eight things to do in Louisiana.


  1. Dance to Jazz in the French Quarter
  2. Explore plantation history
  3. Discover Mardi Gras magic
  4. Embark on a swamp tour
  5. Revel in Cajun Country
  6. Savour divine dishes
  7. Cruise the Mississippi River on a steamboat
  8. Tour the TABASCO Factory & Museum



Dance to Jazz in the French Quarter

If New Orleans had a heartbeat, it would be to the rhythm of jazz beats echoing through the French Quarter. Take a stroll through its storied streets, where the air is infused with the sultry sounds of live jazz bands. Duck into one of the many jazz clubs, order a Sazerac (the official cocktail of NOLA) and let the music carry you away. Just remember, dancing in the streets is not only allowed; it's encouraged.



Explore plantation history

Step back in time with a visit to the grand plantation houses along the Mississippi River. Oak Alley Plantation, with its iconic oak-lined avenue, is one of the South's most famous and photographed plantations, whispering tales of a bygone era and offering a glimpse into the antebellum South. In the charming town of St. Francisville, don't miss the eerie but captivating Myrtles Plantation. It's not just a historic house – it's one of America's most haunted. Take a spine-tingling tour and hear the ghostly tales that haunt its halls.



Discover Mardi Gras magic

The biggest event on Louisiana's annual calendar is, without a doubt, the Mardi Gras celebration, which takes place in New Orleans. Attending this legendary event is one of the top things to do in Louisiana and it draws huge crowds who come to join in the celebrations and watch more than 1,000 floats go by on dozens of parade routes. The vibrant parades, dazzling costumes, and beads raining from the sky create a festive atmosphere like no other. The motto is simple: ‘Laissez les bon temps rouler’ – let the good times roll!

Mardi Gras



Embark on a swamp tour

Delve into the mysterious Louisiana Bayous on a swamp tour. Glide through the waterways, keeping an eye out for alligators, herons and Spanish moss-draped cypress trees. It's like stepping into a scene from a Southern Gothic novel – eerie, enchanting and utterly unforgettable.



Revel in Cajun Country

Head west to the heart of Cajun culture in Lafayette. Here, the tunes of the accordion and fiddle fill the air as you discover the origins of zydeco music. Head to a local dance hall where the floorboards tremble with each stomp, and you might just learn to ‘zydeco shuffle’ like a pro. The unique culture of this region descends from Acadians, French speakers expelled from Canada by the British in 1755. You’ll find plenty of spicy Cajun food, from crawfish to boudin, throughout the region too.



Savour divine dishes

When it comes to food, Louisiana is a culinary mecca. Begin your gastronomic journey with a plate of gumbo, a rich stew brimming with flavours. Next up, indulge in jambalaya, a tantalising mix of rice, meat and spices that'll tickle your taste buds. But, of course, no visit is complete without a warm beignet, the sugary, doughy delights synonymous with New Orleans.



Cruise the Mississippi River on a steamboat

If you’re seeking serene things to do in Louisiana, nothing beats a lazy afternoon cruise along the mighty Mississippi River aboard a classic steamboat or paddle-wheeler. You can catch these cruises in New Orleans or other riverside towns in Louisiana, and they offer scenic tours with informative guides, live music and delicious food. It's not just a ride; it's a laid-back adventure filled with history, tunes and mouthwatering bites. So, hop aboard and enjoy the river in style.




Tour the TABASCO Factory & Museum

When it comes to spicing up your list of things to do in Louisiana, you can't skip a visit to Avery Island, where the iconic Tabasco hot sauce is brought to fiery life. Back in 1868, the American businessman and explorer, Edward McIlhenny, crafted his original blend of capsicum peppers and vinegar right here, setting the stage for a spicy legacy. Today, you can embark on an immersive journey through the TABASCO Factory and Museum, where the secrets of this sizzling sauce are unveiled. After your Tabasco adventure, make a pit stop at the Tabasco Restaurant, where the essence of authentic Cajun cuisine awaits – with a dash of Tabasco, naturally.