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Time to Reconnect: The Benefits of Authentic Travel

Time to Reconnect: The Benefits of Authentic Travel

We are living in an age of convenience with a world of technology, information and services at our fingertips. The benefit? Life is far easier. The downside? We end up feeling utterly disconnected from the world around us. Reconnect travel is about pressing pause on the madness of modern life and making time for more meaningful experiences, whether it's learning ancient skills, spending time in nature, or delving deeper into a destination. Read on for a roundup of the benefits of more authentic travel...


Learn Ancient Skills

There are lots of skills we've gained over the years - from texting on the go to snapping that perfect shot for social media - but there are also lots of skills that we've lost, such as navigating without Google maps and foraging for food in the wilderness. Reconnect travel is about venturing to places where you can experience these ancient practices. Learn about foraging and traditional cooking methods in Norway; try your hand at bushcraft skills - including making fire and identifying medicinal plants in the wild - in Australia; and spend time with the Hadzabe (one of the last true hunter-gatherer tribes) in Tanzania.

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Reconnect with Mother Nature

If you're craving more authentic travel experiences, an adventure in the wild is guaranteed to leave you feeling more connected with the natural world. On a trip to Yosemite, spend a day hiking through the forest with a ranger and learning about wilderness survival tricks along the way before enjoying a cooling dip in the river and a night camping under the stars. Alternatively, head to Romania's Transylvania region for horse riding excursions and a traditional lunch in a local village.

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Practice Mindfulness

We could all use a little more mindfulness in our daily lives, and a reconnect holiday is the perfect opportunity to unwind and disconnect. In Mongolia, experience a slower pace of life on the starkly beautiful steppe during a stay with Kazakh nomads. By day, get stuck into traditional activities like milking, herding, and cheese-making, and by night, cosy up in a ger (yurt-like tent).

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Delve Deeper into Destinations

One of the big benefits of authentic travel is that you can delve deeper into the destinations you visit. On a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina's colourful capital, go past the obvious tourist hot spots and join a local guide for a street art tour, gaining an insight into the country's history and politics as you seek out the best murals in the city. After your tour, learn to tango in a private dance class before watching the pros at an evening show. Alternatively, strut your stuff in a samba class in Brazil and learn about the central role dançando (dancing) plays in the country's culture.

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