The Many Sights of New York

The Many Sights of New York

Whilst exploring the sights of New York I find myself eating too much at the wrong times, revelling in the bustle and soaking up an intense slice of city living.


The Sights of

New York... At the moment everyone is talking about the government collapse. The Republicans - with some notable exceptions - are happy to let this continue. New Yawkers are aghast.


New Yorkers got attitude...

Other than that people seem to have taken to cycling a lot more since I was last here, but with similar levels of aggression and attitude to cab drivers. They have also adopted the London attitude of ignoring traffic lights and offering anyone and everyone the finger. I last spotted this from a 15 year old girl berating a dump truck driver.


New York fashion today...

The fashion seems to be similar to Hackney/Dalston - DMs, skinny rolled up jeans and no socks. Unlike my shabby George Michael-esque stubble, full on Amish farmer beards are needed here to get into some of the Meatpacking district bars. I have looked on with envy.


Trendy Bars...

A couple of drinks in Nomad hotel reminded me of what is trending in hotels - almost pitch black and hard to get around, with rich, slightly older, slightly off key people queuing to get a table, with beautiful and severe ladies manning the reception. Loved it. I will come back exhausted. Everyone does. Contact Original Travel