The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier

Space travel may be coming to a Virgin store near you in the not-so-distant future but there's really no need to start practising your zero gravity moonwalk when there is so much of good old Planet Earth left to explore. Space may be the final frontier (thanks for the soundbite, Captain Kirk) but there are still a fair few earthly frontiers which remain ripe for exploration, from kayaking through a jungle backwater spotting rare species on the riverbank to sinking your toes into the soft sand of an undiscovered beach. And when it comes to planning such trips, our team of experts have got you covered; we've even compiled a list of some of our favourites for you to ogle at...



Most people think of the wildlife when they imagine Antarctica: penguins, whales, seals, seabirds et al, but the ice is the real star of the show. A kaleidoscope of colour from bright white to deepest blue, in all manner of shapes and sizes, set against a backdrop of water so dark it looks black - a veritable feast for the eyes.


Manu National Park, Peru

This protected Amazonian biosphere reserve is home to indigenous cultures untouched by modern civilisation and over 4,000 animal species, spread across 4.2 million acres of pristine lowland rainforest, cloud forest and Andean grassland. All of which can be explored by raft, bike and your own two feet, alongside a private guide.


The Kunene River, Namibia

The Kunene River brings vibrant life to an area otherwise dominated by towering sand dunes and mountains. This juxtaposition of lush river oasis and barren desert makes it one of the most unique safari regions in Africa. Stay at Serra Cafema, arguably Africa's most remote camp, and explore the dramatic scenery in serious style.


Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

The unspoilt Mana Pools National Park sits on the mighty Zambezi River where walking and canoeing safaris offer the best opportunities for unique wildlife encounters. For instance the elephants in this region have learnt the unique trick of rearing onto their hind legs to reach up into trees to munch on the most luscious foliage.


Svalbard, Norway

Immortalised in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard offers an insight into life in the polar regions - a world of Northern Lights, epic glacial scenery, midnight sun and frozen wilderness dominated by the polar bear.


Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Myanmar may be mostly known for its enchanting temple-strewn landscapes but it's far from a one trick pony. Head to the undiscovered Mergui archipelago, which comprises over 800 tropical islands with pristine beaches framed by gin-clear waters and untouched jungle. Experience one such hidden paradise island by staying at the newly opened Wa Ale Island Resort.


The Kimberley, Australia

This is one of the world's last great wilderness frontiers; three times the size of England with a population of just 40,000 and home to remote gorges, thermal springs, salts flats and rainforest, all populated by prolific wildlife. No need to compromise on luxury though - stay at El Questro, a 700,000 acre homestead of sheer untamed natural beauty.