Teen to Teen Advice on Family Holidays

Teen to Teen Advice on Family Holidays

Your essential survival guide to holidays with your parents (eurgh). Written by Kit, son of Polly and a teenager of excellent repute. Here's his guide on how to get the most out of family holidays...

If you happen to be a parent reading this blog then we highly recommend you read Polly's blog (Kit's mum) dishing out her highly valuable and experienced parental advice on holidays with teens.


Bring a Friend

It can be great to have a friend along on holiday but choose them wisely. They need to get your family 'vibe' and be able to fit in (and help out!) because there's nothing worse than being stuck between a friend and your family.


All Hail the Waboba Ball

You may never have heard of a Waboba ball, but on a villa holiday with a pool or on a beach holiday you can spend literally hours on end flinging these squidgy little neoprene covered balls around, bouncing them off the water for someone else to catch. The best fiver you'll ever spend. In fact, such good value it's worth taking two as one will inevitably get lost.



A key skill, and you may want to set out your position in advance of the conversation with Mum and Dad. What are your non-negotiables? The freedom to stay out late after supper? To be allowed an hour or so on the phone a day? Then you have to be prepared to compromise a bit, even if that means getting up before midday and agreeing not to tease your little brother.


Take a Stand

Chances are you won't share your Dad's passion for Byzantine churches. Time to draw the line and demand that your parents consider more collectively acceptable pastimes while on holiday.


Wear Sunscreen

Ask Mum to buy the stuff that you apply once a day because slapping it on is a massive bore. Also, avoid being anywhere near hairy-backed dads or brothers when they ask for help with the bits they can't reach.