Sports Holidays: On Your Marks

Sports Holidays: On Your Marks

Rumour has it that a particular sporting bandwagon is rolling into town this summer. If, like us, you missed out on tickets, take a more Original stance and indulge in your favourite disciplines some place else.



Cycling the Sacred Valley, Peru

Newton's law of gravity applies - what goes up (ie you on a bike) must come down, and that makes for some serious freewheeling fun. On route you get to stop and appreciate the view and Mayan ruins on route.



Dive Rangiroa, French Polynesia

It's a mighty long way to travel, but the diving (and snorkelling) is second to none. Stay at Kia Ora and don't miss the Tiputa Pass dive, where you drift past huge schools of sharks.



Riding safari, Kenya

Apparently animals see people on horses as one and the same (slightly strange-looking) beast, so when you're in the saddle you can get right up close and personal with the wildlife.



Sail a gulet, Aegean Coast, Turkey

Beautiful coastline to explore, fun harbour towns in which to party, crystal clear waters in which to swim and snorkel, and all while attended to by an immaculate crew. What's not to like?



Swimming the Blue Grotto, Capri, Italy

One of the weirdest natural phenomenons on Earth, the Blue Grotto glows a brilliant blue whatever the time of day, thanks to sunlight refracting through the water. Once the day trippers have left for the day, swim in for an amazing sensation.

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