Research Report: Valeria’s Trip to Spain

Research Report: Valeria’s Trip to Spain

On an enviable trip to Spain, our Europe specialist, Valeria, sampled some of the country’s sun-soaked experiences. While exploring Castilla y Leon and Castilla y la Mancha, she indulged in cheese, cycled through wineries and hunted for truffles alongside dogs. Want in on the rest of Valeria’s authentic Spanish adventure? Read on for the lowdown and discover her top tips for a memorable trip to Spain.


Where did you visit?

I visited two regions in Spain, Castilla y Leon and Castilla y la Mancha. Castilla y Leon is in the northwest of Spain and is known for its medieval towns and beautiful landscapes, including the mountains of the Picos de Europa in the north and the plains of the Duero River in the south. Castilla y la Mancha is in central Spain, bordering Madrid, and is known for its medieval architecture and cultural heritage.


What did you get up to?

I spent lots of time outdoors under the gorgeous Spanish sun, going birdwatching, truffle hunting and wine tasting on a winery bike tour. There was also plenty of time to relax in the hotel’s thermal spa and on walks around small nearby hamlets.



What made your trip special?

Sampling delicious Spanish food and great wine were some of the tastiest highlights. However, they were definitely made even better when enjoyed within the region’s gorgeous scenery. You really can’t beat tapas with a view.



Did you learn about any hidden gems?

El Burgo de Osma in Castilla y Leon was a little gem of a town that gave me a glimpse into Spain’s medieval past. It’s also home to a stunning Gothic cathedral, the Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Asuncion, which blew me away with its impressive 15th-century architecture.


What’s your favourite thing you ate?

It has to be their cheeses. Castilla y Leon produces an amazingly creamy blue cheese in the Picos de Europa Mountains. Castilla y la Mancha knows how to win you over with their divine Manchego cheeses.


What new things did you learn?

I learnt that Castilla was a major agricultural centre that provided grains, fruits, olives and wines to all of Spain. The region is also full of cathedrals, castles and monasteries constructed during this era, but many of these towns have become depopulated, meaning some areas have an unusually high number of cathedrals per person.



What was something you’d never done before?

Truffle hunting alongside dogs. It’s not something I ever thought I’d do, but it was such a fun experience (although the dogs definitely did most of the work).



What’s a top tip you’d give to clients?

Take your time exploring and enhance your trip with help from experts who know the region inside out. Seemingly small things like advice on hotels, transport links, experiences and restaurants can make a huge difference to your holiday.

Header Image by James Rajotte | Images by Valeria Sorrentino.