Reasons to Visit Sweden in Spring

Reasons to Visit Sweden in Spring

Swedes sure do have a spring in their step when the first inklings of springtime make themselves known. After a long, dark and sometimes harsh winter, locals up and down the country revel in the opportunity to shed their warm, winter layers and to start enjoying life in the great outdoors once again. For city dwellers, that means enjoying fika (a coffee and sweet treat) in outdoor cafes, while for country folk it means taking long, leisurely strolls through blooming pastures, and for Laplanders it means making the most of the last of the snow and lengthening daylight hours. From the startling beauty of the countryside to the tastiness of the seasonal seafood, keep reading to discover why you should visit Sweden in spring.


The Cities Re-Awaken with a Charming Hustle and Bustle

Sweden’s sumptuous southern cities - like Stockholm and Gothenburg - are aglow with a newfound energy as the spring months kick off. The parks and botanic gardens are blooming with floral colours, the outdoor cafes are once again bustling with locals enjoying fika and the nearby nature is picture-perfect and peaceful. City-loving travellers hitting the cosmopolitan capital can take the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor cafe culture in the medieval Old Town of Gamla Stan, while those in Gothenburg can soak in the bistro busyness in the historic neighbourhood of Haga. In both Stockholm and Gothenburg, we can arrange for you to escape the city and spend a sunny day in the heart of nature - be that a guided kayaking adventure around the harbour, a boat tour out to traditional fishing islands or an exciting safari in nearby forests. Spring is also a great time to admire the wildly popular cherry blossom trees, which normally start to bloom in mid-April. In Stockholm you can head to the charming Kungsträdgården Park, which besides its beautiful row of cherry blossoms, is alive with outdoor cafes and art galleries and in Gothenburg the place to be is Seminarieparken, a spacious park with a row of cherry blossoms leading to a grand, pastel-yellow building.


The Countryside is Flourishing in Fantastical Flora

As the last of the winter snow melts, the soil beneath the sweeping pastures of Dalarna gets the message that spring in Sweden is on its way and that it needs to get to work. And low and behold, by March, the emerald green valleys are peppered with flowers in every colour imaginable - we’re talking the yellow of orchids, the white of the fairly rare Vitsippa and the shades of pinks and purples of the classic garden dahlia. And with lakes, mountains and valleys, this region is also a haven for adventurers. We can arrange for you to whizz across tranquil Lake Siljan on your very own boat, venture into lush Bergslagen Forest in search of elks, lynxes and owls or enjoy long cycle rides through the alpine forests of Tallberg. Those in the market for a more laid-back adventure can spend their days lazing by the lake with a good book, exploring local villages and savouring rustic dinners around a campfire.


The Sun is (Finally) Shining in Swedish Lapland

Though the winter wonderland atmosphere of Swedish Lapland makes for a great Christmastime adventure, we’re here to tell you that the spring is one of the best, brightest and most beautiful times to visit the icy lands of the north. And here’s why: the days are far longer and less cloudy than their wintery cousins, making it possible to savour many more moments in the great outdoors. You can head out on a range of beautiful nature walks to snap shots of the sun beaming down on the last of the snow, to enjoy the glassy streams revealed by the melting of the ice and to spot some new wildlife peeking out of the pine trees. We can arrange for you to enjoy guided snow-shoe expeditions, dog-sledding adventures and luxurious glamping experiences in the heart of the wilderness.


The Northern Lights are at Their Best During the Spring Equinox

Spring in Sweden is one of the best time to soak in the sensational celestial sight of the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, and here’s why: the skies are generally less cloudy than in winter, which means the visibility is much better, and it is believed that the solar winds change during the spring equinox, bringing with them brighter and more powerful light displays. Some of our tried-and-tested top spots for admiring the Northern Lights include the luxurious Aurora Safari Camp, which is fit with glamping-style tents and floating saunas; the Aurora Sky Station, where you can enjoy a high-end gourmet meal under a starlit (and hopefully glowing-green) sky; and 4x4 safaris, snowmobile excursions and snow-shoe expeditions through the magical pine forests of the Abisko National Park.


Seafood is at its Tastiest on the Wonderful West Coast

According to a foodie legend that dates back 4,000 years, seafood is at its tastiest in months containing an ‘r’. So if you’re a self-claimed seafood connoisseur (aren’t we all?) visiting the wild west coast of Sweden in the spring months of March and April, then you’re in luck, as this salty delicacy is putting on its finest performance. For those on an island-hopping adventure up the coast, we can arrange lobster safaris on the remote Koster Islands, seafood safaris around glamorous Fjallbacka Island and mussel-harvesting expeditions on beautiful Mossholmen Island, at the end of which you can see your freshly-caught mussels transformed into an expertly-prepared meal. Finally, those in Gothenburg should take the opportunity to visit the majestic Feskekôrka ‘Fish Church’ Market to sample some ultra-fresh catch of the day.