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Pimp My Ride

Pimp My Ride

Some roads demand to be driven, so a bog standard hire car just won't cut it. Add some horsepower to your holiday with these upgrades...


Sea to Sky Highway, Canada

Feel the rush of driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini on this ultimate three-hour supercar driving experience. Travelling along the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Squamish the scenery is as stunning as your supercar's performance, so buckle up and enjoy the views.


Chapmans's Peak, South Africa

Cruise out of Cape Town and along the coastal Chapman's Drive in a classic backdraft racing Cobra. Feel the wind in your hair as you take in the views of the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range and pit stop for a picnic at Hout Bay.


Highway One, USA

Complete your California road trip by upgrading to a supercar and you'll feel like you're truly living the American dream. Whether you want a casually cool Porsche convertible, BMW's latest sporty number or an unashamedly gas-guzzling all-American Hummer, we can organise it.


Far North Ice Fields, Finland

Speed across snow and ice at the world's leading winter tyre test centre. With a beautiful 'Winter Lake' and over 1,000 acres of track terrain, there's plenty of space to speed and boy (and girl) racers can even pull a few highspeed handbrake turns


Furka Pass, Switzerland

Hug the hairpin bends made famous in James Bond's Goldfinger as you race up the Furka Pass Alpine crossing. We can arrange for you to borrow a car to rival Bond's; ejector seat not included.


Jaipur City, India

Don't worry, we're not suggesting you drive around Jaipur yourself, but with an experienced drive/guide at the wheel you can navigate between the City Palace, Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar observatory in your choice of classic vintage car - an iconic Austin 7, perhaps?