Our Top Tips for Planning a Sabbatical

Our Top Tips for Planning a Sabbatical

No two travellers plan in the same way. Some of us favour detailed spreadsheets and minute-by-minute itineraries, while others just have a great long list of love-to-dos that need turning into an actual plan. Whether you're in the early conceptual stages, already have a rough idea or own a map smothered with post-it notes, there are some essential logistics that need nailing down in order to turn your dreams into a sabbatical reality.


How Long To Go For

How long you go for really depends on a few factors, from the length of your company's sabbatical policy to your budget, the logistics and the reality of fitting in everything you want to do. We've helped people searching for a 'live like a local' experience across Italy for three months as well as some seriously adventurous travellers wanting to spend two years ticking off every item on their bucket list (and some extras). We can look at what you want to do, what you want to achieve, where you'd like to go and then help you come up with a plan.


Where to Go When

You need to make sure you're visiting your dream destinations when they're at their best, and that's where our handy Where to Go When guide comes in. Want to know the best spots for snorkelling with whale sharks in June? After an accurate prediction of when the famous Japanese cherry blossom will be in full bloom? The guide will reveal all, and our expert consultants can then help weave together the ideal and tailor-made itinerary. And remember: some bucket list experiences get booked up WAY in advance, so it's best to plan your sabbatical in advance.


Compromise is Key

If you're travelling as a couple you need to make sure you're both happy with the places you visit. They say opposites attract, so far many couples that might be easier said than done. To help find the majestic middle-ground we suggest each picking two or three can't miss destinations and then letting us create a route to combine those. The result? You both get your way, but potentially with wild card destinations thrown in to link the trip together. Who knows, the might end up being your highlights.


Guided or Going Solo

We're pretty proud of our connections across the globe. During your sabbatical we can organise expert-led activities, tours and expeditions, or we can give you some gentle guidance and let you discover for yourself. We've found that a bit of both generally works best and, of course, it depends on what you want to achieve. You might want a professional historian to lead you around the complexities of an archaeological site in one location, while you're happy to stroll around temples in another all by yourself.


Visas and Vaccinations

Juggling entry requirements, visa applications and deadlines when you're visiting multiple countries can be daunting. We can help you organise all of these details so that you've got peace of mind as you travel around. Plus, we have a wonderful (if we do say so ourselves) Original Travel app that means everything is in one paperless place. When it comes to vaccinations, our advice is simple: visit your GP and plan way ahead of your sabbatical - some vaccinations need to be done weeks or more before you travel.


Birthdays and Big Occasions

Special occasions can be the prime time for homesickness. Maybe you want to head home to see family and friends (and sleep in your own bed again for a few nights), travel to a favourite destination to celebrate your birthday, or swap a bush camp for a luxury lodge come the festive season. These occasions are also a great excuse to have friends and family come and join you on your travels, or to tick something off your bucket list, like watching the New Year's Eve fireworks over the Sydney Opera House.